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Harney Sushi Old Town

Harney Sushi Old Town

Harney Sushi Old Town
3964 Harney St.
San Diego, CA 92110
Mon - Fri 11:30am - 3pm, Mon - Sun 5:30pm - 12pm

Harney Sushi Old Town Information

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Quick Facts About Harney Sushi Old Town:

  • Harney Sushi Old Town serves Japanese food and sushi in San Diego!
  • Harney Sushi Restaurant Old Town has a great happy hour.
  • Harney Sushi in Old Town is eco-conscious with its menu offerings.

Ambiance: Harney Sushi Old Town has a trendy ambiance that's great for meeting up with friends. You and your group will have fun catching up because of the lively energy at Harney Sushi Restaurant Old Town. The restaurant has modern decor and a playful sense of humor. Harney Sushi in Old Town makes the sushi experience new while being surrounded by the old buildings of historic Old Town.

Why We Dine: Harney Sushi Restaurant Old Town makes sure that you get your fill of amazing sushi rolls. The food here is great, and you'll find something on the menu that you love. If you like a lot of crunch in your roll, get the aptly named Crunch Roll. If you want spicy sushi, try the Flaming Lip. It's sure to make your mouth hot. If you're at this Old Town sushi restaurant to celebrate, Harney Sushi Old Town has the drinks to get the party started. You'll enjoy a wide variety of drink offerings, ensuring that both you and your fellow dinner guests have something delicious to drink. Harney Sushi Old Town offers beer, wine, mixed drinks, martinis and sake.

  • The Food: Get your sushi fix at Harney Sushi Old Town. When you're in the mood for fish and you want it raw, head to Harney Sushi Restaurant Old Town. Try a creative roll like Flaming Lip. This tempura fried Cali roll will set your taste buds on fire with a combination of cream cheese, spicy mayo, jalapeno and sriracha. For plenty of texture, get the Crunch Roll. This shrimp tempura roll is rolled in tempura crunchies.
  • The Drinks: Part of what makes the dining experience at Harney Sushi Old Town so fun is the plethora of drinks on the menu. Harney Sushi Restaurant Old Town gives you choices and lots of them when it comes to libations. Enjoy fun combinations of ingredients in the mixed drinks from Harney Sushi in Old Town. Want to feel super authentic? Pair your sushi dinner with hot sake! One way to enjoy San Diego nightlife is to come here for a few fun drinks and sake bombs.
  • The Atmosphere: Perfect for having a lively night out with friends, Harney Sushi Restaurant Old Town is known for its fun atmosphere. This Old Town sushi restaurant looks trendy yet casual. Come to Harney Sushi Old Town for a birthday dinner with pals or just make a date here for a laid-back night out with your sweetie. This San Diego restaurant is all about making you feel welcome.

Local Scoop: Harney Sushi Restaurant Old Town keeps the environment in mind and offers sushi with sustainable ingredients. Harney Sushi in Old Town refrains from using products that are harmful to the environment. The menu at Harney Sushi Restaurant Old Town does not include toro, bluefin tuna, big eye tuna, certain yellowfin, unagi, red snapper, hamachi, Maine sea urchin or octopus.

What We Recommend:

  • Spicy Scallop: Whether you get this as a classic roll or a hand roll, you'll get a mouthful of delicious. Harney Sushi Restaurant Old Town delivers serious flavor with this one. The bay scallops are extremely tender while the spicy kani kama gives it bite. The cucumber and radish sprouts provide the veggie component that nicely balances the seafood.
  • Hippie Roll: Being vegetarian is pretty awesome at Harney Sushi Old Town. The Hippie Roll brings together tempura sweet potato, shiitake mushroom, avocado, cucumber and tempura crunchies for a sushi roll that doesn't even miss the fish!


  • Cuisine: Japanese
  • Alcohol: Full Bar
  • Reservation Policy: Suggested
  • Price: $$

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