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San Diego Visitor Info

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Our San Diego visitor info page provides San Diego travelers with all of the must have information while spending time in America's Finest City. The helpful "About San Diego" guide provides a little history about the area as well as fun facts and local attractions. The San Diego visitor info page is also your source for important contact information while on vacation like local police, fire department,  hospitals, and pharmacies. Our visitor info for San Diego also includes a guide to the LGBT community with top spots to hang out in Hillcrest and Mission Hills. For visitors bringing pets on vacation, our San Diego visitor info has a guide to pet-friendly activities and hotels in San Diego. If you fall in love with San Diego and never want to leave, we have also included a Relocation Guide to help make your move to San Diego as easy as possible. For all your information needs, look no further than the San Diego visitor info page on SanDiego.com!