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San Diego Air and Space Museum

San Diego Air and Space Museum

San Diego Air and Space Museum
2001 Pan American Plaza
San Diego, CA 92101
Daily 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Last admission 4 p.m.

San Diego Air and Space Museum Information

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Top 5 Things to Know about San Diego Air and Space Museum:

  1. Overview: The museum's mission is to "preserve, inspire, educate and celebrate!" The San Diego Air & Space Museum aims to preserve artifacts from air and space while educating the public on the transformation of aviation technology through history and into the future. Air & Space Museum San Diego also strives to honor aviation and encourage studies in engineering, technology and science.
  2. Education: San Diego Air & Space Museum's number one goal is education. The museum therefor organizes educational and school programs that are structured toward specific grade levels and California curriculum, along with summer camps and guided tours.
  3. Library: Library & Archives of the San Diego Air & Space Museum is located on site at the museum and is home to one of the largest collections of air-space related literature in the United States. The library houses aviation archival materials including but not limited to books, periodicals, films, audio clips and photographs that chronicle air and space technology through history.
  4. Exhibits: Ever wonder how air crafts stay in the air? Visit the interactive exhibit, How Things Fly, to learn about the aerodynamics involved in keeping an airplane in the sky. Also visit the 3D/4D theater to see the Virtual Time Machine that takes you on a journey through virtual history, or catch Fly Me to the Moon, the story of three teenage flies' on an adventure to outer space.
  5. Collections: The Air & Space Museum San Diego displays various collections, which highlight and narrate important aviation aspects and moments in time. From the Jackie Cochran Collection, which features the female altitude and speed record breaking pilot memorabilia such as her flight suit and trophy, to Glenn H. Curtiss' A1- Triad, the first US naval aircraft to launch from a ship. Each collection provides historical information, artifacts and replicas. 

The Air & Space Museum in San Diego celebrates our history's aviation pioneers and aerospace accomplishments. Starting with the 1783 model of the Montgolfier brothers' hot air balloon, which was the first manned aircraft to defy gravity, to the actual Apollo 9 Command Module featured on display in the Rotunda, the San Diego Air & Space Museum exhibits crucial aeroespacial achievements. The museum also has several interactive exhibits such as the 3D/4D theater and flight simulators. The 3D/4D theater invites guests to experience the multi-sensory and special effects during a showing of Fly Me to the Moon, Jetpack Adventure or Virtual Time Machine, suitable for all ages, while the three flight simulators include the F-35,  Doron Transport 6 and the FS2000 two-seat flight. Galleries focusing on modern jet and space age, World War I, World War II and the golden age of flight are additionally on display at the Air & Space Museum San Diego.

The San Diego Air & Space Museum is open every day from 10am until 4pm. Every 4th Tuesday of the month, the museum offers free admission to San Diego residents, college students and active military members and their dependents, however special exhibits at the museum require additional fees. If you are visiting with a group of ten or more guests, you can reserve docent-guided tours with the experienced and knowledgeable volunteers.

  • Do Ride On the Flight Simulators: Experience the excitement of 360-degree pitches, rolls and spins while viewing the virtual tours on large screens. Pilot a FS2000 two-seat flight or join as a passenger in the six-person Doron Transport 6.
  • Don't Leave Hungry: The Air & Space Museum has an on-site restaurant called Flight Path Grill. Flight Path Grill serves up yummy cheeseburgers, pizzas and chicken sandwiches.

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