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5 Things To Eat To Stay Healthy While Traveling

Hotel Del Coronado

Though San Diego is known for its idyllic weather, while traveling, you're still prone to catch seasonal colds and cases of flu. With it being winter, it's more important than ever to safeguard your health while you're traveling and to enjoy the local attractions that San Diego has to offer. No one wants their visit to Balboa Park interrupted by an upset tummy or cancel a walk on Mission Beach because of the sniffles. So, make sure you follow the tips outlined below to stay healthy while enjoying the wonderful city of San Diego.

Antioxidants Abound

One of the easiest ways to keep your immune system in peak function and inflammation at bay is to consume as many antioxidants as possible. While not all fruit is created equal in the number of antioxidants they deliver, consuming fruit is still the easiest and most efficient way to get your recommended amount. Chopping up fresh fruit to enjoy while you're road-tripping through California and San Diego is a great place to start. Making sure your children get enough fruit intake is crucial, too, as you're enjoying the city. Kids come into contact with many germs and aren't the best about keeping their hands off their face or out of their mouths, so their vitamin levels are critical!

Healthy Hydration

We all know that getting in your eight glasses of water a day (at minimum) is crucial to overall health. When traveling, your hydration needs will change based on the outdoor temperature and the activities you're partaking in. While you may not need a ton of extra hydration while touring the San Diego Zoo, you'll need more if you've got a day of surfing planned at Ocean Beach. Other ways to hydrate are through vegan probiotics drinks or hydrogen-infused water. Making sure you pack extra nutrients into the things you choose to drink is a great way to keep your energy levels up and your immunity. While traveling is fun, it can occasionally be stressful on your body.


Orange, You Glad?

One thing California is known for is its delicious oranges. So, orange, you glad you came to San Diego? Make sure you incorporate this Vitamin C-rich into your foods and beverages. There's nothing like fresh-squeezed orange juice first thing in the morning. You could also decide to sweeten your OJ with a little bit of added sugar and enjoy it as a dessert, like they do in Spain. Oranges are also delicious additions to green salads and various other dishes. So, make sure you're keeping your Vitamin C levels high through nutrition while in San Diego as you get your Vitamin D levels high from the gorgeous weather.

Leafy Greens Are A Must

While it's easy to overindulge in decadent food while you're traveling, make sure you take advantage of all the healthy restaurants while you're in San Diego. From plant-based must-visits like Jyoti-Bihanga in Normal Heights or Trilogy Sanctuary in La Jolla to other healthy eateries like Cafe Gratitude or Everbowl, you have many options to keep your healthy habits in line during your travels. Leafy greens are an excellent and easy way to get in your recommended doses of vitamins, minerals, and fiber. They're also fantastic for your overall health and immunity, so they could keep you healthy if you come into contact with germs while traveling.

Fit Fats

There are plenty of reasons to avoid fatty foods; however, a little fat can be quite beneficial to your health. Thankfully, some of these fats are perfect and tiny for on the go eating. While you're touring San Diego, have a small bag of your favorite nuts on hand. Nuts are full of tons of nutrients your body needs and a little fat, so they'll keep you satiated and nourished. In addition to nuts, olives are a great snack food on the go, as well as small bites of cheese.

Staying healthy while traveling is essential as it protects you from germs you may encounter in airports and can even create a buffer between you and a bad case of jetlag. Not to mention, when you take care of your body, you have more energy to enjoy all the things you want to do on your visit. So, here's to your health and happy trails!