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5 Ways to Beat The Heat in San Diego!

5 Ways to Beat the Heat in San Diego! 

We all saw the reports of the heat wave coming to San Diego and were thoroughly confused. It's AUGUST! Fall is right around the corner, so why is the weather punishing us? With pumpkin spiced everything promising a chilly fall, we still have a few more days of warm sunny late evenings!  Take advantaged of the heat and try some of these activities to stay cool and enjoy the last moments of summer 2017.


1. Whale Watching! San Diego is notorious for whale watching tours and cruises. We are so close to the harbor and spotting these creatures in their natural habitat is such a treat! Take the kids before school comes around, for an educational family trip to the pier and see those whales for the season ends. 

2. Aquatica Waterpark With the the heat rising, I can't think of anything better than just being in a huge infinity pool chilling on a tube. San Diego has one of the best water parks around, and tickets are available online. This truly is a place for the whole family. They have thrill rides for the big kids and shallow tiny tot friendly pools for the little ones. You can purchase family packages online and save on costly expenses. 

3. Speedboat Tours This is a great treat for locals that are looking for a new way to enjoy the beach. Try a speedboat! Located in the Chula Vista Marina you can get the thrill of cruising at high speeds and these tours are really easy to book. Book online and you can save time waiting in line. These tours are really good for small groups of 3 or less! 

4. La Jolla Snorkeling Get over the heat, by getting into the water. Snorkeling is a San Diego right of passage, if you are here, you need to see what our bays and marinas have to offer. La Jolla is the best city to do snorkeling in, with it's beautful beaches and convenience you are going to have a blast. Don't worry about any gear or equipment, just bring yourself and any information you may need to show that you purchased your deal tickets online! 

5. Jetpacking Did we just suggest jet packs? YES! They are a thing now and an activity you can conveniently do here in San Diego. Soar above the ocean and see what the birds see! Doesn't that sound amazing? Yes, and it's totally fine if you crash because if you crash you land on water which is a win win with this heat. Have fun! 


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