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Adboom, Blowing Up as San Diego's Featured Tech Company


For fans of cutting-edge technology and fresh, smart ad solutions, AdBoom is a must-check-out San Diego institution. From three friends working out of an apartment, to a premier ad tech industry in downtown San Diego, AdBoom has experienced explosive growth and now service not only the United States but also Australia, France, Canada, and more.

Company Vision

One of the keys to AdBoom’s success has been carefully curating the talent that keeps the company’s ads, well, booming. The three friends who founded the company expanded their team by seeking like-minded people whose individual goals merged with the company’s. This has led to a workplace where the collaborative spirit and fun-meets-work motif are not merely buzz phrases — they are realities.

That vision, the one that continues inspiring employees and employers alike, rests on two keys points: growth and making a product one can take pride in. Perhaps it is because each talented team member is personally invested in a quality outcome that AdBoom has come to not just stand on its own feet in a competitive field but to stand out.

San Diego to the Core

Known for its world-class amusement attractions, fine dining venues, and theater, San Diego is equally known as bustling business hub, a city brimming bright individuals who have blended creative insight with small-business savvy. AdBoom embodies this same best-of-both-worlds vibe, and it epitomizes San Diego in other ways as well. Take, for instance, the company’s appreciation for individual expression.

While its staff members range from twenties to forties, the workplace has an unmistakable youthful vigor. At AdBoom, those who work on the seamless implementation of ads in tech are as diverse as the greater outlay of sunny SD — and the variety and innovation of ideas at AdBoom reflect that.

The Business Side

For the manifold startups right here in San Diego, AdBoom provides solutions that are as mindful of the practical as the creative. From those taking the first tentative steps into founding a sole proprietorship to those running established franchises, business owners today are acquainted with just how vital tech solutions are in reaching new customers, staying in contact, and monetizing.

Given the explosion of WiFi ability (smartphones, burger joints, and grandparents’ homes are all tapped into the web) and the seemingly ceiling-less growth of social media, advertising has entered a new age. It has been clear to many for quite some time that the old ways, while perhaps beneficial to an extent, are simply not enough. Not anymore. But while many people understand that the Internet — and with it, rapidly evolving modern technology — is THE space for advertising success, it’s the “how” that still stymies many.

Fortunately, that particular “how” is AdBoom’s specialty.

The Specifics

While AdBoom offers a spectrum of affiliate marketing and tech ad solutions, one particularly exciting development, called Hashtag Ads, is already in BETA and will be launched very soon.

By now, even rural, mainstream America has become acquainted with the idea of hashtags — they pop up on live TV shows, movie previews, and news stories. There’s a particular segment of Internet users that seem especially adept at the use of hash tags, and it is toward them that this ad solution is aimed: social influencers.

Across sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler, and Instagram — to name a few — some individuals have built impressive fan and follower lists. A lengthy list of these social subscribers — whatever name they go under — usually indicates that the social influencer knows how to self-promote, get and keep a conversation going, and create valuable content that spreads across social channels like wildfire. What remains an untested territory even for the most socially influential is monetization.

Hashtag Ads is reinventing social advertising by allowing influencers to monetize their already-established followers through its platform. Hashtag Ads matches up social influencers with advertisers who want to spread the word about their products or services. These influencers endorse products or brands via their social profiles on Facebook, Twitter, blogs, or anywhere else they have a fan base, and get paid every time their followers click on the endorsements.

Their vision, their fun-loving/hard-working spirit, and their continually refreshing ad tech solutions ensure that AdBoom will be a San Diego staple for a long time to come.


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