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Annual San Diego Music Thing Festival Sept 11-12

Music festival in San Diego

September 11-12 2014 is the date of the next San Diego Music Thing Festival, an annual music and media conference with live band performances, speaking by artists and industry professionals, plus shows and happy hour parties. The Festival is a full two days of concerts and events, and is a rich gathering of ideas and experiences every year. The Annual San Diego Music Thing Festival is aimed at individuals in bands and those with technical music experience and aspirations, but there's plenty of draw for enthusiasts who enjoy good music as well. The event is a congregation of culture and creativity, and there's something for everyone who loves music and fun.

Hosted in a city that boasts a truly unique and diverse music scene, the Music Thing Festival is an ideal opportunity to experience the downtown San Diego area, and during an especially lively period. The band appearances are split up among a host of musical venues in Centre City, all of which are along the San Diego Bay area. The Music Thing Festival is not only a worthwhile experience, the event is a great excuse to visit San Diego and experience the vibrant late summer city scene. Downtown San Diego is a cultural hub that makes for a perfect travel destination. The musical venues are located a stone's throw from the night life of the Gaslamp Quarter and from the Marina District. The festival is an all-ages event, as could be surmised from its association with the youth-uplifting San Diego Music Foundation, but it's still a great opportunity to tour Centre City's plethora of trendier bars. Many are host locations for performing bands, but they only scrape the surface of social hotspots in the area. The Music Thing Festival is a well-located jumping off point for any point of interest in central San Diego.

Proceeds from the Annual San Diego Music Thing Festival benefit experiential music programs in schools in San Diego County. The festival is produced by the San Diego Music Foundation, which has helped music education and worked to promote creative expression and make music performance accessible for children in San Diego for over twenty years. To forward its mission statement of promoting musical education, The San Diego Music Foundation hosts a variety of musical events, of which the yearly Music Thing is the crown.

The event is a busy convergence of tours of both popular and indie contemporary bands. For the seventh annual Music Thing, bands and performers include the Cults, the Griswolds, Dengue Fever, Deap Valley, The Midnight Pine, and Dead Feather Moon. The San Diego Music Thing is an interesting combination of entertainment and support and edification; many panelists speak in the capacity of "mentors" because of the event's aim at people who want to get into music-related work and the entertainment scene. There are workshops for aspiring members of the industry, in alignment with the festival's interest in guiding artists and getting artists started. The congregation of professionals and successful artists buoys the rich entertainment: This year, 99 bands and performers are scheduled to hold concerts over the festival weekend. Many performers are also panelists. The highlight speaker this year is musician and activist Moby. Other speakers comprise many other figures from the music world, and will talk about musical careers, music culture, and the rest of the music industry.

The Music Thing Festival is sponsored by the Town and Country resort, and is offering special staying rates. Tickets are available for single shows, for single days, for under-21 events, or for the full scope of events that the festival has to offer from the Thursday kickoff party to the conference proper. This year, there also are free stages all around the town, where bands will be performing for people to see for free. The Festival is worthwhile simply so as not to miss the rich cultural experience of the San Diego music scene.

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