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Be A Tourist In Your Own Town!

Companies that send team representatives to San Diego often look to provide a positive entertainment experience while at the same time strengthening trust between members. Much like the reality shows on TV that push group-building activities, so has R&D Events created one of the most extravagant, popular, and talked-about scavenger hunts in the nation. Known as Mission San Diego, this fun and exciting team activity is custom-designed around the size of the group, the desired location in the San Diego metro area, and the type of challenges preferred.

Mission San Diego is already well-known by local businesses that want to incorporate social fun into the business team experience. This adventure is created as a set of challenge events in one section or district of the city. Teams compete to see how many challenges can be successfully completed by the time deadline. It is one of the most amazing, exciting group challenges ever developed, and it delivers as one of the most enjoyable scavenger hunts imaginable. It is also one of the best ways to learn about the city of San Diego, whether the participants are locals or visitors.

Ready, Set, Go!

Regardless of whether the team hails from San Diego or from across the country, becoming a tourist while competing for prizes is like no other sightseeing trip one could imagine. R&D Events developed this scavenger hunt based on several different reality shows on TV, particularly "The Amazing Race". When the whistle blows, it's time to head for the first challenge!

Teams entering the scavenger hunt get to decide what part of town they will explore and what events they will participate in. Choosing from a huge list of activities ranging from roller coaster rides to museum tours, each event poses a new challenge with points awarded for successfully completing the project on time. At the end of the day, a winning team is crowned.

Everything needed for the scavenger hunt is provided by R&D Events. A customized challenge notebook, day pack with essentials, digital camera, and cash is handed to each team member before the hunt begins. The event staff supervises the entire hunt, and participants will end the day with so much knowledge of the San Diego area, they will consider themselves travel guide experts!

Choose The Starting Location

San Diego is one of the most exciting cities to tour, and Mission San Diego is one of the best ways to experience the various districts in and around the downtown core. When planning a customized scavenger hunt, event staff work closely with the team representatives in order to create a tour that includes the most requested landmarks, attractions, and venues.

When scheduling a Mission San Diego event, dates are chosen that are agreed upon by different teams representing different organizations. The teams are often made up of local charity members, business groups in town for conferences, corporate departments looking for an afternoon of fun and group-building, and even private vacation charter groups.

Teams can begin their scavenger hunt in the middle of downtown, in the historic Gaslamp District, near the San Diego Zoo, or on the waterfront. Travel can be by public transportation, vehicle rental, or if preferred, simple pavement pounding. The scavenger hunts generally last about three hours, with prizes awarded at the end of the event for the teams compiling the highest number of challenge points.

Bigger Is Better

The minimum group size is six individuals, but there is no upper limit to the number of participants. R&D Events has designed team-building scavenger hunts for groups as large as 500 persons. In fact, the event planners will even create a customized hunt challenge that breaks these large groups into smaller teams that compete against each other.

The event is planned around 30 or so challenges, but teams need not complete each one of them in order to qualify for the championship crown. The idea is to let teams choose from among the activities so as to feel comfortable with one another while at the same time racing against time. There are many different paths to the finish line, and it is up to the team members to decide which challenges to undertake. This makes Mission San Diego a one-of-a-kind adventure. It's no wonder that this challenge event is the most popular of its kind in the entire nation.

About R&D Events

The company began with a vision of creating positive team-building activities for companies and local membership groups. One of the key components of any successful group-building activities is the effective combination of challenge and fun. The founders of R&D Events have years of experience designing tours for hotel chains and amusement parks. The mission is a simple one. Take the pressure off the event itself and focus instead on creating a fun time for all participants. The best way to do this is to allow the teams to choose their own activities.

Become A Tourist In San Diego

Instead of having the group go their separate ways and try to figure out the best of what San Diego has to offer, consider a fun-filled day of treasure hunting. There's nothing quite like a good, old-fashioned race, and Mission San Diego promises the most enjoyable scavenger hunt in the city. Learn about San Diego, see the sights, and have the best time ever with co-workers or friends. R&D Events has put together one of the most comprehensive event packages ever offered, and all it takes is a group to set it in motion.