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Bite San Diego Launching New Encinitas Tour

Bite San Diego Launching New Encinitas Tour

What’s better than spending an afternoon in good company, enjoying delicious food and sharing in the wonder of San Diego? Nothing – that’s what. As a tour company well aware of the connection between good food and socializing, Bite San Diego prides itself on creating a fun food tasting environment, perfectly complimented with an enthusiastic guide, interesting facts about restaurants and their surrounding areas and a fun social environment. They have already conquered Hillcrest, Little Italy, Coronado, Old Town, North Park, La Jolla and Julian, and now it’s time for Bite San Diego to take over North County with its Encinitas tour. The new Encinitas tour will launch the weekend of May 18th, 2013 and if the test tour was any sort of hint - it's going to be awesome!

As the editor of SanDiego.com, I was lucking enough to be invited on the test run for the new Encinitas Bite San Diego tour and let me tell you – this is one you don’t want to miss. As a native of Encinitas, I didn't expect to learn anything new about my hometown, or see a side of it I hadn’t already experienced, but I was pleasantly surprised. The Encinitas tour took me to restaurants I’d somehow missed, a local chocolatier I’ll never forget and taught me a little history about the town I thought I knew so well.

Since this was the test run for the Encinitas Bite San Diego tour, some of the restaurants may change along the way, but I’d say they are off to a great start. Our meeting place was Union Kitchen and Tap, a hip North County hangout with a tavern feel and friendly staff. My guest and I were the first to arrive and had the chance to get to know all of the tour goers as well as our guide. There was a wide range of ages and everyone was social and excited to do something different on a Saturday afternoon.

The tour took us from cool hangouts to local favorites like the Potato Shack and Encinitas Pizza. Each restaurant gave us a healthy sampling of their top menu items from savory crepes and blueberry pancakes to penne pasta and dark chocolate with a hint of chipotle. The flavors were fantastic, but the tour ambiance is what really made the day. I had never thought of food tasting as being particularly social. I imagined sitting quietly at a restaurant and learning a quick history of the food and preparation while nibbling away. I never expected to have so much fun with such a lively group of people all interested in getting to know local restaurants and having a great time.

After spending a few hours enjoying the company and sampling delicious food, our last stop was the Chuao Chocolatier. Here we tasted the Firecracker bar which is a mouthwatering mix of sea salt, chipotle and pop rock candy in dark chocolate. The spicy chipotle complements the smooth dark chocolate perfectly and the snapping pop rocks add a surprising kick at the end. I am not generally a huge fan of sweets, but this chocolate bar was so good, I ended up buying a dozen different flavored chocolate bars to take home with me. It would have been a perfect end to the day, except I had to clumsily knock over an entire display of chocolates – a word of wisdom, do not touch the display. Luckily, our group had gotten to know each other so well, that it gained a solid round of friendly laughter.

The Bite San Diego Encinitas tour could not have been more fun, and if this is only the test tour, I can’t wait to check out the final product. It’s a great way to meet new people, enjoy some incredible food, get to know local restaurants and learn some fun facts about an interesting San Diego neighborhood. Bite San Diego Tours are now among my favorite things to do in San Diego and if I wasn't a foodie before, I definitely am one now!