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Cheapest Car Insurance ZIP Codes in SoCal

There’s a reason that California is the most populated state in the country despite not being the first or even second largest. California is home to world-renowned attractions all across the state and especially the SoCal area. From the Walk of Fame, the Golden State Bridge, and Disneyland, it’s no wonder why people come from all over the world to become Californians.

Whether you’re thinking of moving to California, already a local, or just coming for a visit, with so many places to get to and with a plethora of people on the road, car insurance is a must. Insurance rates in California can be high. It can make us ask ourselves, how accurate are online insurance quotes, and if we are paying more than we should be, how would we find out?

Questions surrounding car insurance are as vast as the California landscape, but luckily you won’t have to move all the way out to Mount Shasta to find a fair price. Take a deep breath because it is possible to enjoy the SoCal lifestyle without being gouged for coverage.

Why Insurance in SoCal California is Expensive
Though California is a big state when thinking of living or experiencing the everyday California adventures, it’s the SoCal region that people usually refer to. To narrow that down, SoCal is made up of eight counties, which mainly include Los Angeles, Imperial, Riverside, Orange, San Bernardino, Santa Barbara, San Diego, and Ventura.

With over 23 million residents, southern California is practically a small country, making population one of the significant factors driving up premium car insurance rates. In addition to the crowded population is the likelihood of the insured members needing to file claims more often or having more expensive rates than less populated areas.

Crime Rate
Having a California ZIP code may be coveted by the masses, but not every California ZIP code comes with a spike in postcode envy. In popular areas like West Hollywood, there is an increased risk of theft. In West Hollywood, both violent and property crimes are higher than or double the national average, which prompts insurance companies to raise their rates in SoCal despite the area’s average income.

Bad Driving Record
Even if you are the world’s safest driver, trying to get around the state’s bad driving practices will be difficult. Of course, the cleaner your record, the easier it will be to qualify for coverage, but unfortunately, the societal debt is something all Californians will need to pay.

One of the most concerning factors affecting car insurance rates in the SoCal area is the alcohol-impaired or drug-Impaired driving (DUI) rates. In 2019, Los Angeles County alone sat at eight times higher than the national average for drunk and drug-impaired caused accidents, and San Diego County is one of the highest at 62 times the national average.

According to the California Traffic Safety website, over 40 percent of all of the drivers killed in motor vehicle accidents tested positive for either legal or illegal substances in their system.

Compared to previous years, such as in 2017, where 485,866 car accidents were reported, there has been over a 20 percent increase in California’s auto accidents, accounting for 11 percent of all car accidents nationally reported.

So what are the best areas for reasonable car insurance rates?
It’s only natural that such a popular place will come with some not so ideal aspects, but don’t let the statistics to be aware of shy you away from all that the beautiful cities of SoCal have to offer. Considering these factors is just how car insurers deal with risk, but by driving attentively and doing a little due diligence on where to live, you can end up saving hundreds of dollars a year.

On average, the annual cost of car insurance is $1,427 across the country. With this average, a driver with a clean record and fair credit should expect to pay roughly a $119 monthly premium. If you pay more or less than the national average but have a clean record and good credit, chances are the external factors of where you live have added those extra dollars to this amount.

Comparing California to the national average, the cost for car insurance in California generally is higher across the state, with most drivers paying an average of $150 per month or roughly $1,804 per year. With these rates setting the standard, there are SoCal cities that are the frugal exception.

The Most Popular SoCal Cities with Low Car Insurance Rates

  • Huntington Beach – annual average: $841.45
  • Glendale annual – annual average: $843.92
  • Santa Barbra – annual average: $890.65
  • San Clemente – annual average: $931.21
  • San Diego – annual average: $926.84
  • Santa Monica – annual average: $1,150
  • Inglewood – annual average: $1,207.28
  • Burbank – annual average:1,229.43
  • Santa Paula – annual average: $1,246
  • Oxnard – annual average: $1,324
  • Riverside – annual average: $1,367
  • Malibu annual average: $1,384
  • Moreno Valley – annual average: $1,413

Suppose you’re thinking of moving and unfortunately don’t see your desired city listed here. In that case, you can also use some of the most expensive cities to measure the sweetness of your offer.

The Most Popular cities in SoCal with High Car Insurance Rates

  • Palm Springs – annual average: $1,458
  • Ontario – annual average: $1,505
  • Temecula – annual average: $1,778
  • Thousand Oaks – annual average: $1,832
  • Simi Valley – annual average: $1,832
  • Anaheim – annual average: $1,943
  • Santa Ana – annual average: $1,956
  • Beverly Hills – annual average: $2,208
  • Pasadena – annual average: $2,208
  • Rancho Cucamonga – annual average: $2,242

Using these highs and lows will give you a solid frame of reference when vetting for new coverage or renewing your policy. However, keep in mind that just because a city’s car insurance rate tends to be cheaper, the overall cost of driving may not be when factoring in gas and other elements.

Welcome to California
Not all California prices are as high as the palm trees. Despite the state’s ill financial reputation, tailoring your monthly bills so they are manageable will keep life in cities like SoCal enjoyable.

Finding the best economic fit for your financial reality can make a reputable expensive city like Los Angeles or San Diego a cinematic-like experience instead of a stressful one.

About The Author: Danielle Beck-Hunter writes and researches for 4AutoInsuranceQuote.com. Danielle is an insurance expert and Culver City-born California native.