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Clean Your Pets The Right Way At The Dog Beach Dog Wash

San Diego is known for its beautiful climate and outdoor attractions that often welcome pets when exploring the area. Many of the residents and visitors enjoy bringing their pooch along on activities to spend extra time with man's best friend. With frequent walks and hours spent playing fetch, it's normal for dogs to get dirty and lose their luster throughout the year. To keep the canines clean and allow them to look beautiful, the Dog Beach Dog Wash, also known as OB Dog Wash, is a convenient way of washing dogs right near the beach. Located just two blocks from the original Dog Beach at 4933 Voltaire St. in Ocean Beach, Dog Beach Dog Wash is a clean and safe establishment for all types of dogs with an average of 400 to 500 dog washes completed each week.

Pet guardians may give their pets a warm water wash, with several options for special shampoos and conditioners, such as hypoallergenic, deodorizing, medicated, and flea and tick preventers.  Plenty of towels are provided, as well as blow dryers and fluff box dryers, along with use of various grooming tools, to make your grooming session pleasant for both you and your pets.

The experienced and trained staff not only do a great job at helping you clean your pets, but also recommend specific shampoos, toys and treats to the owners. Each dog may also visit the nail room where a secure harness is used to lift them off of the floor for a comfortable and safe session of filing the nails with a Dremel®. The staff is happy to teach owners how to properly file the nails so they may do it themselves.

After finishing their pets’ bath, owners are welcome to browse the large selection of collars, brushes, floating toys, grooming supplies, along with organic and wheat-free dog treats to pamper their pet.

Dog Beach Dog Wash also offers classes to San Diegans with both puppy and obedience classes available for effective training sessions with humane, science-based training methods. Speciality classes in Agility, Lure Coursing, Treibball, K9 Nose Work, Hollywood Hounds, and Canine Good Citizen are also available.

With over 475,000 dog washes performed since opening in 1993, the establishment has won several awards for their homemade floats in the Ocean Beach Holiday Parade. Besides cleaning pooches, they also work hard to clean and steward the environment. The establishment created "Friends of Dog Beach" in 1995, which encourages volunteers to clean the beach and preserve water quality in the San Diego River and Pacific Ocean. Hundreds of clean-ups have been organized through the group to create a happy and safe environment for every dog that sets its paws onto the sand. A local beach clean-up is scheduled the second Saturday each month with gloves and bags provided for keeping the area clean. Toys and treats are also handed out to dogs that come along for the event.

The establishment is co-owned by Mindy Pellissier and Jane Donley, as they work to create an environment that is safe and comfortable to every dog that gets a good bath and rinse. They work to help each pet feel happy and healthy after visiting for a bath in a clean facility. Whether spending time at the beach or playing catch with a tennis ball, dogs can feel clean and comfortable after their grooming at OB Dog Wash.Dog Beach Dog Wash in Ocean Beach is open from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m., seven days a week. The last bath is 30 minutes before closing.

For more information, see dogwash.com