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Dawn of the Dead Dash San Diego - Oct. 12th!

Dawn of the Dead Dash San Diego

While scoping out fall events in San Diego, there are few things I’m looking forward to more than the Dawn of the Dead Dash this coming October! Taking place on the 12th, this zombie-themed horror race is an awesome excuse to start getting dressed up before Halloween even hits, and with awesome prizes for the best zombie costumes there’s no reason not to go all out. This is seriously one of the coolest things to do in San Diego this coming season! Get dressed up as your favorite Left 4 Dead 2 character (I’m dying to see a really impressive Charger or Spitter costume,) your favorite movie zombie or as the grossest Walking Dead-esque living corpse you can muster. While planning your costume, keep in mind that no weapons, real or fake, will be allowed at the race. The same goes for pets – so leave Fido at home, even if he really, really loves noshing on brains.

If make-up skills aren’t what you pride yourself in, it’s okay, you can run as a human too. But watch out – you’ll stand out a lot more and become a prime target! Admittedly, for some that’s half the fun so get ready to run your brains out (hopefully before the zombies eat them!) However you show up for the Dawn of the Dead Dash, zombie or human, you’ll be running a flexible course with checkpoints announced (along with the starting point and quarantine zone) the week prior to the race. Checkpoints must be cleared to finish the race, though otherwise there’s no set route you need to take – sound awesome? It is! Though there will also be no road closures so you’re on your own once you start pounding pavement. Try and clear all of the checkpoints without getting infected; all quarantined humans will be given glow collars to identify them and if you are tagged by a zombie they must be surrendered.

Zombies will be stationed near checkpoints, throughout the city and running alongside the humans. Some zombies will be strategically stationed just to scare the crap out of you, while humans that are turned while running will also remain in the race….Now able to spread the virus too, so the non-infected will have to always be on high-alert. No place is safe! However, zombies must physically touch you in order for a human runner to be turned. If you have been turned and want to infect others go for it! Just remember to keep it civil – no pushing, shoving or unnecessary roughness….There’s enough craziness going on!

The race will be set to run for approximately 3 miles, and while course coordinators can’t guarantee distance as runners can navigate their own course, they estimate it should take you an hour and a half or less – so plan accordingly. Go for some pre-race training runs at Mission Bay Park if you want to book it past the zombies, otherwise work on your best living-dead shuffle.

Race registration costs only $45 up until dash-day, but will go up to $50 on the day of. This cost covers event bib and ID, checkpoint card and glow collar as well as entrance to the after-death party and, of course, the thrill of the run (or chase, for you members of the hoard out there.) Participants must be 18 or older to run and 21 or older to enter the after party – and yes, ID’s will be checked. Sorry kids. (Unfortunately this means no one gets to meet my adorable 4 year-old niece who has been taught an awesome “zombie baby” routine which involves asking for brains.) In addition to after-party access, a beer garden will be supplied by Deschutes Brewery.

Give yourself plenty of time to get to the race – briefing begins at approximately 6:30pm, and the race will follow immediately after. You can utilize public transport during the race, but no private transportation (including but not limited to cars, bikes, taxis, skateboards and rollerblades.)

Because of its awesome temperate weather, San Diego is one of the best cities for active people to enjoy outdoor activities year round. Hit the streets and let your inner geek out with this great fall event – yes, I know, just because you like to run doesn’t mean you’re not a nerd (it’s okay, me too) and the Dawn of the Dead Dash lets you combine both worlds….Or, if you never considered yourself nerdy enough for zombies before, here’s a fun and active way to get a taste (and let’s be real, it’s less of an underground nerd thing now and more of a pop-culture phenomenon due to the recent commercial success of Walking Dead and Zombieland so you have no excuse.)….Vice versa, if you’ve spent your time sitting around watching and rewatching the original Dawn of the Dead, criticizing the remake, reading the Walking Dead comics and reeling over the audacity of the Zombieland TV Show pilot (sigh of relief - Amazon opted not to run with it)….the Dawn of the Dead Dash is an awesome way to start prepping for the inevitable apocalypse.

Dawn of the Dash October 12th:

Pricing: Tickets are $45 from September 1st until race day and $50 on the final day of registration.

Visit www.dawnofthedeaddash.com for more info.

This blog was written by Erica Krilov. An East coast transplant, Erica fell in love with all that San Diego has to offer six years ago, but secretly thinks she should have moved here before even leaving the womb. When not writing, she spends her time hiking, biking and horseback riding.