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Editors Choice:The Dinner Detective: Dinner, a Show, and a Murder.

Comedic San Diego Murder Mystery Dinner Show

Looking for a great date night? Maybe just an evening out of the house? This comedic San Diego murder mystery dinner is perfect for any occasion, and that is why SanDiego.com has selected The Dinner Detectives as our Editors Choice! The largest dinner production in the United States, The Dinner Detective was voted 2007,2008,2009, and 2010's “Best Dinner Show” in Los Angeles and Denver. The Dinner Detectives pride themselves on leaving out all the lame scenarios, hokey costumes, and campy dialogue. These actors are so talented you won't know who's a guest and who's an actor. Is the person sitting beside you the murderer? Bring your best detective skills because the dinner guest who guesses the closest with the best evidence and reasoning for suspicion will win the grand prize!


One Of A Kind Experience

You've got to hand it to the producers of this show; selecting an all-star cast of actors who have mastered the art of improvisational theatrical role playing to create the perfect evening! This wildly hilarious and entertaining show with a plot that twists and turns, will leave you wondering who you can and can't trust. The entire audience is invited to get involved and play along, so bring out your alter-ego and pretend to be whomever you wish. Be suspicious and trick the other guests, because once the first crime is committed the accusations will start flying! You never know if you're mingling with the perpetrator, or sitting across from the next victim.


Satiate your Appetite

The Dinner Detective prepares a decadent four course dinner for its guests, beginning with hor d-oeurves and a drink, if you choose to partake. A cash bar is available offering a variety of drinks, and this portion of the night serves as the perfect opportunity to mingle with other guests and get to know all of the potential perpetrators in the crime! Guests will then be asked to take their assigned seats at their banquet-style tables so the show may begin. The show provides entertainment throughout the evening with breaks for each course, providing another oppurtunity to collect clues from the other guests around you. Choice of entrees are available upon purchase of ticket(s).


Add on a bonus package

The Dinner Detective offers many bonus packages for purchase to enhance your experience. Wouldn't it be great if you could get someone from your party involved in the crime? Well here's your chance! What better way to really get involved and enhance your groups's experience! The following is a list of all optional packages:

  • Gift Package: Comes with Dinner Detective coffee mug, a commemorative T-shirt, and you can get a member from your party involved in the crime.

  • Celebration Package: Comes with a bottle of house wine of your choosing, a commemorative T-shirt, and you can get a member of you party involved in the crime.

  • Romance Package: Comes with chilled bottle of house champagne, a commemorative T-shirt, and you can get a member of your party involved in the crime.

Things to know

  • This event is very popular, shows typically sell out a month in advance so purchase your tickets early!

  • Time to dress up! Business casual is required, but isn't dressing up part of the fun? I certainly think so - break out the fancy get-ups for an entertaining evening out!

  • Forgot to hit the bank before you came? Not a problem, they have an ATM on location for tips, drinks, and gifts.


Reservations and Toll-Free Customer Service
10:00 AM–5:00 PM Tuesday–Saturday

Or visit: thedinnerdetective.com