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Everything You Want To Know About Beautiful Belmont Park

Everything You Want To Know About Beautiful Belmont Park


San Diego has been one of the country's most popular vacation destinations for couples and families for decades. One of the most popular attractions in San Diego is Belmont Park, which is located in Mission Beach. This expansive amusement park and entertainment hub features many fun and exciting opportunities for people of all ages!

Belmont Park's WaveHouse is located right on Mission Beach. This fantastic resort area offers visitor's 30,000 square feet to swim, work on their tan, or enjoy delicious tropical food! Much to the delight of travelling surfers, the WaveHouse is also home to the FlowBarrel; America's largest artificial wave machine. For those looking for a more calm experience, the WaveHouse is also home to the Plunge Pool. This historically relevant indoor heated pool is open every day to all age groups. Overall, these features combine together to make the WaveHouse the ultimate beach experience, allowing you to experience the waves of your dreams no matter what the weather is like.

CannonBall Rooftop
CannonBall is the quintessential beach side sushi experience in San Diego. The restaurant is located on the rooftop of 3146 Mission Blvd, and provides an amazing view of San Diego for its guests. Not only is CannonBall's view breath taking, but the food is world class. Here, they serve delicious sea food such as shrimp cocktails and gourmet small sushi plates. If you aren't afraid of heights and are searching for an adventurous dinner, look no further than CannonBall.

Flow Camp
Belmont Park offers a fun summer camp for children ages six to thirteen. Flow Camp provides a seven day experience of water, games and fun for its participants. Your children will also be able to compete in many ways with their peers, including flowboarding competitions, and laser tag tournaments! Each session lasts Monday through Friday, and begins at 9am and ends at 4pm. This would be a fantastic option for families spending several days or weeks exploring San Diego.

Roller Coaster
A wide variety of exciting roller coasters can also be found at Belmont Park. These rides offer an amazing ocean front adrenaline experience for the less tame travelers. The roller coasters available at Belmont Park are separated into two categories; over 48 inches and over 48 inches. Wrist bands are available for both of these to help save families money and to enforce safety policies to ensure that no accidents occur. The Belmont Park roller coasters have become extremely famous within the San Diego area, as no other establishment in the city offers such a wide variety of roller coaster options.


Belmont Park's beaches are some of the most beautiful beaches on the Pacific coast. The most notable of these is the world famous Mission Beach. It is here that Belmont Park visitors can soak up the sun and enjoy some quality time with the deep blue water and sandy shores that helped earn Mission Beach's notable reputation. Belmont Park provides all the essential items that visitors would need to make their Mission Beach experience as enjoyable as possible. Everything from lockers to umbrellas and beach towels can be conveniently rented from any of their conveniently located and friendly beach shops. Belmont Park makes sure that no one else in the San Diego area offers a more well-rounded and enjoyable beach experience for individuals, friends, and families.

Overall, Belmont Park is the ultimate location in San Diego for family beach side fun. Everything from its beautiful beaches to its roller coasters makes this a must see for all visitors in San Diego. Food, fun, and rental equipment can all be purchased at Belmont Park for very reasonable prices.

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