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Fitness, Fun and Fire with SPARKCYCLE, La Jolla!


La Jolla, San Diego
United States

Indoor cycling has become a popular workout routine for those who are seeking a healthier lifestyle. There is no better place in the San Diego area to enjoy the benefits of indoor cycling than at SPARKCYCLE in La Jolla. The trainers at SPARKCYCLE say you can get a full-body and mind workout in just 45 minutes whether you are just starting out on a fitness regimen or are preparing for your next Iron Man Competition.

How do you get started? Easy - SPARKCYCLE is offering a “Plus One” package this week for Halloween. When you buy an unlimited package, you can bring a “plus one” with you on every ride. Your plus one must come with you and the package cannot be shared (but your experience can!) You can book your bike online and bring a friend as a last-minute walk-in to the studio. Don’t forget to activate your package within 30 days of purchase.

Besides their “Plus One” Package, SPARKCYCLE is awesome in so many ways, especially with their belief in giving back to the community. Every month they offer “Karma Rides.” Booking the ride online costs only $5 and there is a donation box placed at the studio on the day of the ride. The best part is that 100% of the funds collected are donated to a local charity. It is a great way to make your workout count for more than just burned calories!

Jessica Pelligra, editor of San Diego.com, attended one of the Grand Opening classes at the La Jolla location and was greeted by smiling staff members and attendees who were upbeat and ready to ride! She said the instructors did a great job of building hype and creating momentum:

“Not only did I break a sweat and burn calories with one of the best workouts I’ve have ever had, I’m totally hooked.” Ms. Pelligra said. “The lighting, the music and attitude was completely fun and on-point. I almost forgot I was working out…almost!”

Owner Stephanie Cochran says that she understands how Ms. Pelligra feels as she fell completely in love with indoor cycling from the beginning - “I couldn’t get enough and my perception of exercise drastically changed from something that I dreaded to something that I look forward to doing every day.”

SPARKCYCLE is for everyone, according to Ms. Cochran, who says that as long as you can sit on a bike and pedal, you can get in an excellent workout. Experienced athletes also report getting a thorough workout at SPARKCYCLE, burning 600-900 calories in 45 minutes, and having fun while doing it. The workout center offers fun events, such as the “Beyonce vs. Rhianna” ride with Paul. Participants said that the most common thing heard throughout the workout was “I LOVE this song!” and there was plenty of energy throughout the workout.

The cycling studio offers top-of-the-line bikes, a QSC audio system, LED lighting and stadium risers for the perfect view. There are showers available for after the workout and free validated garage parking.

Cost for the first class at SPARKCYCLE is $10 so there is no reason to dread those workouts any longer. Visit SPARKCYCLE online to book your visit. You can even book a specific bike for your workout. Rides can be purchased in one, five, ten, 20 and 30 day packages or (for those who thoroughly dedicated to burning those calories) a one-year unlimited package. Check the website for expiration dates for the ride packages and pricing.

October has been statistically proven as the month with the least amount of gym attendance, but SPARKCYCLE isn’t afraid and offers up that “Plus One” membership package to prove it! So bring a partner, and get pedaling!