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Five Innovative Tech Companies in San Diego

Since the inception of Silicon Valley, California has produced a steady stream of successful and innovative tech companies. While larger cities are closely associated with this culture of startups, San Diego isn't an exception. Some of the most exciting, current tech companies coming out of California originate in San Diego. From business management and sales solutions to medical and warehouse-based artificial intelligence (AI), some exciting things happen in the world of tech in this beautiful city. Here, we'll take a look at five innovative tech companies in San Diego.

MadCap Software

This list couldn't be considered complete without including MadCap Software, a leading company based in San Diego. This tech firm creates solutions and authoring tools for documentation teams and technical writers. The rapid success of MadCap technical writing software has been supported by the recruitment of some of the brightest minds in the tech world from rival firms such as Macromedia and Adobe Systems. These support personnel, software engineers, and principal managers helped to create the foundation of the now uber-successful business. The authoring tools produced by MadCap Software are based on XHTML. The company’s stated goal is to develop innovative software solutions to satisfy the various needs of content strategists, instructional designers, learning and development professionals, and technical communicators.

Human Longevity

Venture capitalists from across the country poured well over $300 million into this San Diego tech startup, launching Human Longevity into the national spotlight. This project attempts to accumulate the world’s largest database for human genetic data, making it significant for both the tech and health industries. Taking from both of these diverse worlds, Human Longevity uses advanced software and computing to better understand the complex data sets that are stored within DNA. The overall goal is to glean insights from these abundant wells of genetic information to get a better grasp of fighting age-related illnesses and diseases.


This burgeoning tech company specializes in writing tracking software designed to help businesses advertise to and convert consumers. In the beginning, Tealium focused on helping its clients work with tags. These snippets of shorter code are embedded within websites to help developers determine when people visit the page or open an email. Recently, however, Tealium has expanded its offerings to help clients track their consumers through social media, online search, display advertising, and affiliate marketing. Tealium also helps businesses target specific segments of the market with targeted product offers. The company was able to raise around $35 million from venture capitalists in 2016.

Brain Corp

Born from the minds of computational neuroscientists, Brain Corp focuses on constructing AI software that helps fun blue-collar robots. This San Diego-based tech company produces leading vision technology to help robots make sense of their surroundings. The software is custom-tailored to machines operating in airports, large retailers, fulfillment centers, and other sizable indoor locations. BrainOS, one of Brain Corp's most promising products, is the leading software that powers floor-scrubbing robots. These bots are often armed with cameras, sensors, a 4G LTE connection, and algorithms for routing that allow the bot to maximize its efficiency. Jimbo’s stores throughout San Diego have tested this technology. In 2017 alone, Brain Corp was able to raise $114 million.


This San Diego tech company's trajectory couldn't be more emblematic of the classic garage-to-successful-startup story. Five hard-working guys founded Seismic in a basement in the small town of Solana Beach. Within a few years, it went from a moderately-successful side project to a multi-million-dollar company that employs hundreds of people. Seismic is now known as one of the city's most successful companies that focuses purely on software. Similar to San Francisco's tech success Salesforce, this San Diego tech company directly services large sales teams for some of the largest corporations in the country. Seismic makes an entire suite of helpful software tools to help large teams store materials, get trained, and communicate, among many other features. TIAA and General Electric are illustrative of the multi-billion dollar giants among Seismic's client list. Early last year, Seismic acquired one of its largest competitors, the Savo Group, cementing the relatively new San Diego tech company as one of the most influential and innovative companies in its sector.