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Five Reasons Newly Graduated College Students Want to Work at Your Company

As millions of people get off their unemployment benefits and return to work, the job market is in flux. There is a lot of competition for jobs and yet there are plenty of open positions in customer service. Thousands of newly graduated students joined the ranks of people looking for jobs in 2020 and the class of 2021 has just joined them. As of May 2021, about half of the students who graduated in 2020 were still looking for work. There are plenty of reasons that these newly graduated college students want to work for your company. Here are five of them.

Gain Experience

One of the main reasons that newly graduated students want to work for your company is to gain experience. Some even go so far as to lie on their resume about their experience because they don’t have any. Therefore, you should run an employee background check on each candidate. While the newly graduated student may not have that much experience, they will likely be willing to work for less. The number one reason that graduates are enthusiastic about working for your business is to gain necessary experience.

Grow with the Business

Many businesses in San Diego want to grow. After almost 18 months of pandemic in the United States, people are tired of the slow pace. So are newly graduated college students, believe it or not. The second reason why these young graduates are motivated to work for your company is to pursue growth. If you provide room for growth that the employee can work towards, everyone will be better off.

It’s necessary to offer a path forward for entry-level workers. They don’t just want to gain experience; they want to know that other opportunities will be available when they are ready to move up in the structure of your business. If you provide these opportunities, there will be more college graduates who are not just interested in working for your company but who will be motivated to stay.


Even though many of the candidates you encounter straight out of college will be willing to work for less, they are still motivated by money like everyone else. This is likely the first full-time salary job. If you give the employee a raise after they have proved their worth in the company, the odds that they will stick around and work harder go up. It’s a great advantage that you can pay the newly graduated student less, but you should keep in mind that eventually they will want to make more money. Money, after all, makes the world go around. If you want to keep the employee around, be clear about possible raises.


Whether you’re one of the biggest employers in San Diego or are just a small startup, there is prestige for college students to start their career. It is undeniably one of the reasons that new graduates are excited about starting to work for your company. You should lean into this and promote your business as a prestigious place to work. Whether the job is glamorous or not, newly graduated students are excited to gain any sort of prestige in their career.


One of the most important things about getting a job for a new graduate is that they feel self-actualized. Until they start working, it can be difficult to feel the sense of self-worth and esteem because they haven’t been able to use their skills to make money. Once a newly graduated student gets a job and starts working, they will begin to self-actualize. They will have more confidence. This is a huge reason and motivation for the person to work for your company.

It’s tough for college students who have recently graduated to find a job. There are so many reasons that they are motivated to work for your business. Not only do they want to gain experience, but they also want to grow with the company, self-actualize, gain prestige, and make more money than they’ve ever made. With the economy and job market fluctuating, there are thousands of students who want to find the best job they can get. There is a lot of competition and most will be thrilled to secure a good occupation.