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Five Thrilling Daytime Adventure Dates in San Diego

Five Thrilling Daytime Adventure Dates in San Diego
You’ve met for coffee, craft beer, cocktails, or something along those lines. You’ve decided neither one of you are a serial killer. Now you want to plan something more impressive. How do you get there? It’s probably not going to be by suggesting they hang out and watch Netflix in your apartment.

Here’s an idea: suggest something exciting, thrilling, adventurous. Preferably during daylight hours. This isn’t a relationship advice blog but, since you’re here, we’ve put together five rip-roaring,  electrifying date ideas to get your creative juices running. Try one, or use this list as a springboard to help you plan your own version of an amazing date with someone special.

Actual skydiving - the one in the big outdoors - is super intense and not for everybody. Really, it’s okay. Thankfully, someone came up with the idea of indoor skydiving to give the rest of us the incredible sensation of flying without having to find out just how brave you are when somebody points to the open hatch of an airplane and says, “Your turn!” San Diego’s indoor skydiving company is called iFly. They have one location in Mission Valley and another in Oceanside. Prices vary, but packages start as low as $49.95 per person.

That’s VIP as in “Very Important Person,” and the highest level of access you can buy is known as the “Exclusive VIP Experience” package. While not for every budget - you’ll have to shell out admission to the zoo on top of at least $675 a person - it’s for a five-plus hour day, and a pretty customizable day at that. Think: personal guide, animal interactions, access to off-exhibit areas, and - well, you’re going to get hungry, so, lunch at one of the zoo restaurants. Or, try the “Animals in Action” upgrade instead, which is far more moderately priced (cost of admission plus $100+ per person). This package gets you behind the scenes to “feed, touch, or help train some of our animal ambassadors.” A complete list of upgraded experiences at the zoo can be found here: https://zoo.sandiegozoo.org/upgraded-experiences

Invite romance - and champagne - with a sunset hot air balloon ride. Shared rides are often capped at around 8 passengers to keep it a fairly intimate occasion for you and your date, with a price tag starting at around $195 a person. One version from a Del Mar company includes champagne, a fruit and cheese plate, and those breathtaking vistas of the sun setting over the  coastline. If you’d prefer to book the whole conveyance for yourself, the price tag could set you back $1,000 or more.  There are several hot air balloon ride companies in Southern California, and pricing, time of day, views, and amenities may vary.

Maybe you want to get away from guided tours and go exploring by boat. It’s okay if you’re not an experienced boat captain - the folks at this power boat rental San Diego company will show you everything you need to know before they hand you the keys. Renting a speed boat or power boat to cruise around San Diego Bay surrounds you with some really breathtaking skyline views and lots of maritime history. Aren’t you glad you live here?

Have you ever been lying on the beach when an old-timey biplane flew overhead? Well, you can book a tour on those planes and get a bird's eye view of all of that awe-inspiring coastline. The views are truly cinematic, and you’re sitting in an open-air cockpit with unfettered access. There are a few companies offering this type of airplane tour in San Diego, including Open Cockpit Biplane Rides, San Diego Air Tours, and San Diego Sky Tours.

We hope that this list has given you a few ideas for your next adventure date. The pricing information mentioned here may change  - it is listed purely to give you a ballpark figure for each adventure.