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Flyboarding with Aquatic Aviation

Aquatic Aviation

Being a bit of a board sport nut, as soon as I heard about flyboarding - I had to try it. I stumbled upon a few Youtube videos of people shooting up in the air at heights of 30 ft on top of something that looked like a wakeboard with water shooting out of the bottom of it. Then spinning, diving and exploding out of the water again and again - I had to learn more. One of the perks of being the editor of SanDiego.com is that it’s my job to experience all of the cool things to do in San Diego and flyboarding quickly jumped to the top of my list.

After a little research, I came across Aquatic Aviation San Diego offering flyboarding lessons just off Shelter Island. I quickly contacted them and got in touch with my instructor, Andrew. He was a very nice, fun and helpful guy with an infectious laugh who managed to get me even more pumped about flyboarding. We made an appointment and were on our way.

When I arrived at Aquatic Aviation, Andrew was there to greet me and get me started. I was quickly suited up, helmet on, life jacket tightened and ready to go. Andrew went over all safety precautions and gave me a short lesson on land before I started my Aqua Man (or woman in my case) Flight Experience. As a partner in Aquatic Aviation San Diego, Andrew knows his stuff. His vast knowledge and expertise on flyboarding made me feel completely at home and comfortable for my first flight.

I was strapped into the flyboard which is attached to a long hose hooked onto a Jet Ski which Andrew was driving. I hopped in the water and began to feel the power of the water propulsion at my feet. I put my hands to my side, straightened my body and let the flyboard push me through the marina as I headed to my destination near Spanish Landing. I’m not going to lie, I felt a little ridiculous with my head above water, pushing through the water. It reminded me of the killer whale trainers at SeaWorld being pushed by Shamu, except I was in front of a Jet Ski with powerful water propulsion.

It took a few tries for me to get my balance and learn how to stand up on the flyboard. It’s a bit of a shock because it lifts you out of the water with such power and feels so unnatural, it’s a common reaction to stiffen up, but as Andrew instructed, I learned to relax a little more, and get used to the movement of the flyboard. After a little time, I was up in the air, turning in circles and smiling ear to ear. Then Andrew asked the question I’d been waiting for - “Do you want to try a dolphin dive?” I think I practically screamed, “Yes!”

I had seen these dolphin dives in videos and I couldn’t wait to try it. Diving into the water from 20-30 ft in the air with the power of the water propullsion behind me and rocketing up into the air again is just my cup of tea. Of course, I had high hopes that I would look just like the pros in the video with perfect form and seemingly flawless execution. As usual, once I tried it myself, I realized I wasn’t the pro like I had hoped, BUT I was pretty darn good. Andrew even said I had the best female dolphin dive he had seen yet (maybe he was just being nice, but I’d like to think I was doing alright.) As soon as I completed my first dolphin dive, I was hooked! I loved jetting out of the water, soaring up in the air and falling back down head first. It was exhilarating and somehow relaxing at the same time to give in to the power of the flyboard and let myself go from air to water and back again. Andrew was by my side the whole time giving me helpful tips and letting me have a blast while I experienced all Aquatic Aviation and the flyboard had to offer.

The freedom of the whole experience is something I truly enjoyed. I really felt like it was MY Aqua Man Flight and I could try the moves I wanted to try and experience the unique sensation of flyboarding while still being in the trusted hands of my Aquatic Aviation San Diego instructor. I was all smiles for the full 30 minutes of flight time and thoroughly enjoyed hanging out with Andrew as well. Learning a new sport can be tough, but he made it an easy and fun experience from guiding me across the water to giving me tips on how not to fall backwards like a goofball. I felt safe the entire time and was obviously in good hands with an instructor who really knows his stuff.

I highly recommend guests try out flyboarding for a whole new spin on water board sports, that's why I’ve named flyboarding with Aquatic Aviation a SanDiego.com Editor’s Choice for fun things to do in San Diego!

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