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A Full Week of Fine Dining

San Diego Restaurant Week

The time that is awaited by both tourists and residents of San Diego is finally here – San Diego Restaurant Week, brought to you by Your San Diego County Lexus Dealer. This is a great time to visit the dining scene of San Diego because all the tastes and flavors come alive during one week of barbecues, sauces, crunchy sizzlers and everything else that San Diego’s top restaurants can offer. For those who have never attended, San Diego Restaurant Week, happens twice every year – during September and January. This year, it will be taking place between 18th and 24th January. Over 180 mouth-watering restaurants are taking part in San Diego Restaurant Week this time around to cover all of your dining needs.


Here is some essential Restaurant Week information that could be helpful to visitors as they eat their way through San Diego during this time –


• When Is It Happening? – As mentioned already, San Diego Restaurant Week will take place from January 18th through January 24th, ONE WEEK ONLY!


• Where Is It Happening? – The event takes place throughout San Diego County, of course, and people would be surprised that the place known for its comic-cons has so much to offer in terms of food.


• Who Is Participating? – Over 180 restaurants are participating in San Diego Restaurant Week and their menus can be obtained from the official website of the event.


• How To Attend? – People can just walk into their favorite areas and start digging in – there is no pass or ticket requirement for attendees. However, given the amount of rush that this week usually entails, San Diego Restaurant Week experts recommend calling in and reserving a table in advance. Otherwise, there is a good chance that someone might miss out on their favorite restaurant.


• How Much Does It Cost? – The costs are simple – for a two course lunch, people need to pay $10, $15, $20, and for a three course dinner, people need to pay $20, $30, $40, $50.


Now that the basics of the San Diego Restaurant Week have been discussed, it is time for some heavy information about this event. That is – which are the top and most sought after restaurants of this year’s San Diego Restaurant Week. Out of 180 restaurants, it shouldn’t be surprising that people’s top favorites usually have a huge line to get in.


Why Should People Attend the San Diego Restaurant Week?


• For San Diego Residents – Everyone who thought they knew San Diego always somehow omits this event from its tradition. This event has been an eye opener for residents who have stayed in this place all their life and never knew about the great quality of food they were missing out on. Also, there is always a restaurant that people love but can’t afford. The perfect time to enjoy that restaurant’s food is during the San Diego Restaurant Week.


• For San Diego Tourists – San Diego residents would be surprised to learn that a lot of people visiting San Diego in January or September time their trip in such a way that is coincides with the San Diego Restaurant Week. In this way, they have all the culinary marvels of San Diego right where they want them to. It is one of the most amazing parts of San Diego’s culture and tradition.


• Money Saving – For both residents and tourists, this week is a great opportunity to binge or awesome food without spending quite as much. The San Diego Restaurant Week allows people’s pockets and taste buds to have a treat twice a year. The culinary discoveries people make due to this event are astounding.


There are 12 regions in San Diego across which this event is being hosted. Every region has its own loved restaurants. The following are the top favorites across all regions –


• Café Chloe – No matter which Restaurant Week region a San Diego resident or visitor is a part of, Café Chloe is something one doesn’t want to miss. Since 2004, the addition of Café Chloe has made the popularity of the East Village soar and authentic Parisian delights are only found here.


• Cucina Urbana – People have often heard of this place with its popular food and this San Diego Restaurant Week is the time when it should be tried out. The menu is so vast and sprawling, and the sheer variety of food is just the best things about Cucina Urbana.


• D Bar – This is the place where comfort food is comforted in the best way possible. If contemporary comfort is San Diego’s idea of a perfect meal, D Bar is the perfect place for San Diego. Plus, the sweets promised at the end are famous all over America


• Nine-Ten – Nine-Ten is one place that all San Diego people swear by. Perhaps, it is one of those restaurants whose chef is easily the new biggest culinary star of the place. The setting, food and ambience of Nine-Ten all exude oomph and class. Reservations are a must at Nine-Ten.


• Pamplemousse Grille – Not a lot of people would combine a Kobe burger with delicate and expensive wine. However, Pamplemousse Grille does this with style. The place has a wine selection of 2,000. Plus, the chef is famed for his Kobe burger with triple truffle delights.


• The Red Door – This is the place to try locavore dining by eating delicious food whose ingredients come fresh from the restaurant’s own garden.


• The Smoking Goat – Every foodie visiting San Diego always eats at this restaurant at least once because of its great food.


• Tidal – It is impossible to have a San Diego Restaurant Week shortlist without including something with amazing seafood. Thus, in comes Tidal.