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Get Your Laugh On In The Finest City

San Diego is a city filled with culture. One of the most popular forms of entertainment in San Diego is improv theater. The audience is treated to hilarious, spontaneous comedy performed by local artists who work tirelessly to perfect their art. Tops among the local venues is Finest City Improv, a theater group dedicated to the specialized art of improvisation.

Located in North Park, Finest City Improv has been entertaining audiences for years with its bold approach to comedy. A favorite among locals and visitors alike, this theater is rated one of the top comedy venues in the nation.

Improv Is A Specialized Form Of Comedy Acting

Improv acting is a form of entertainment where all of the sketches are created at the time they are performed, and are usually inspired by just one suggestion from the audience. The possibilities for subject matter are endless, with one-line jokes and witty comments being made up on the spot.

Great Entertainment For All Ages

Finest City Improv has a full calendar of shows including well rehearsed house teams and special guests from Los Angeles, Chicago and New York. Finest City Improv is proud to present San Diego’s boldest improv comedy! Featured shows included musical improv and a completely improvised movie classic!

The subject matter contained in these performances are as varied as one could imagine. The focus might be on politics, Hollywood, marital problems, the singles life, crime and punishment, or even Shakespeare. One thing is certain, however. Whatever the billboard reads, that is just a starting point for truly innovative theater performance, with improvisation being the rule of the day.

Stay All Night

Finest City Improv is attached to the historic Lafayette Hotel. Special packages can be purchased that include tickets to a wide choice of evening shows as well as overnight accommodations. Finest City Improv also has a full restaurant and bar, with a menu of entrees, snacks, desserts and beverages offered at affordable prices.

The venue and hotel are located on Louisiana Street in the North Park District, about a mile north of the San Diego Zoo. Visitors to San Diego can take public transportation to the theater or hotel, which are just a short taxi ride from the central business district.

Improv Classes And Teen Workshops

Finest City Improv has developed one of the most comprehensive training programs in the region. Classes include improv for beginner to advanced students, sketch writing and short form improv as well as a diverse range of workshops offered by guest artists. Special teen workshops are also very popular. These classes give aspiring young actors a chance to build confidence and think on their feet.

The philosophy of these workshops is to build confidence in an actor's ability to perform while at the same time stressing the importance of working as a team. Comedy is a very difficult art to master, and with the help of Finest City Improv,students learn the fine details of improv comedy and acting from the very best instructors in the city.

Drop-In Classes On Sundays

Most Sundays, Finest City Improv offers drop-in classes for a nominal fee. At these workshops, locals and out-of-town visitors get a chance to meet with performance groups and instructors, with a different lead coach each week. Anyone who has minimal experience with comedy or on-stage acting is welcome to attend. This is a real opportunity to meet with veteran actors and hone those performance skills.

All classes and workshops include free admission to upcoming shows. The drop-in classes on Sundays include a free admission ticket to any performance that is on the schedule for later that night.

Businesses Take Part In Team Building Exercises

One of the most innovative programs at Finest City Improv is the business group-building workshops offered. Corporations and medium-sized businesses are becoming more involved with community activities as a means to strengthen bonds between department personnel.

In the world of fast-changing business priorities, management often has to truly improvise with confidence. How to react to the competition's latest product, how to deal with customer complaints, and when to introduce new strategies in a way that is understood by everyone calls for improv skills. The workshops offered by Finest City Improv increase confidence and help give workshop students the knowledge they need to exude that confidence to others.

Ongoing Newsboard

Finest City Improv features a newsboard on the company website. Announcements concerning class openings, changes to show schedules, and special comedy podcasts are found here. In addition, visitors to San Diego will find numerous links to other theater group programs as well as information on transportation and sightseeing in San Diego.

Laughter is a natural medicine, and no medicine tastes better than improv. For those visiting San Diego, go where the locals go when only the best entertainment will do. Finest City Improv promises a healthy dose of fun so laugh with them every Thursday through Sunday in North Park!