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A Ghoulish Guide to a Harmless Halloween

Halloween in San Diego

When All Hallow's Eve rolls around, the spookier and scarier the better in San Diego. Skeletons and ghosts wander the streets, while haunted houses scare us out of our zombie pants. The most franken-tastic Halloweens are filled with graveyard bashes, coffin-bangers and monster mashes. While everyone is looking for a little fright during Halloween, here are some tips to ensure happy haunting and a safe spooktacular night. 

  • Buddy System: Although werewolves and superheros may not usually run in the same crowd, it's important to remind your trick-o-treaters to stay together in groups, preferably with an adult, while they parade the streets for treats. 
  • Costume Caution: Sure an authentic Batman costume may not be complete without the signature black mask and crime fighting cape, but these accessories can cause potential accidents. Parents should examine their children's costumes to make sure that their masks do not obstruct their view and that their gowns and capes won't trip themselves or others. 
  • Flame Resistant Disguises: Give your kids superhero power when you purchase or make their costumes out of flame retardant material to prevent any wicked run-ins with jack-o-lantern fires.
  • Avoid Busy Streets: Instruct your trick-or-treaters to remain on the sidewalk and to stay in neighborhoods without heavy traffic. For a kid-friendly and vehicle-free spooktacular area to collect candy, head over to Seaport Village for a safe Halloween Bash at the Bay.
  • Confection Inspection: Your little princess and monster are certain to bring home a pillowcase full of candy from their trick-or-treating adventures, but before allowing their sweet teeth to take over, thoroughly inspect their candy stash for unwrapped or spoiled sweets. All treats that are opened or have rips should be tossed, along with any candy with white speckles or a stale odor.
  • Witching Hour: Ghosts, goblins and witches are known to appear after nightfall on Halloween, so be sure to pack glow sticks and flashlights to avoid any unwelcome surprises in the dark while trick or treating. Also place reflecting tape on your kid's costumes to ensure that they're visible to vehicles.
  • Jack-o-Lanterns Lights: Pumpkins may be given faces of their own, but don't allow them to have minds of their own as well. Consider using flashlights, battery-operated candles or glow sticks to light up your jack-o-lanterns to avoid candle fires and flames.
  • Enter At Your Own Risk: Stress the importance of staying on the porch and not entering the homes of strangers while trick or treating. Promises of witch's brew and candy corn may be tempting, but remind your trick-or-treaters to only venture inside the homes of well known and trusted neighbors.
  • Scaredy Cats: In order to prevent spooked pups or kittens on the run, keep your pets in an area away from the front door. It's also a good idea to consider posting a note to trick-or-treaters asking them to avoid using the doorbell to help keep your pets calm and content.

Don't be afraid to let your hairy scary side show during hair-raising Halloween in San Diego, but follow these tips to guarentee a safe and happy howl-o-ween. If you dare to visit San Diego during the haunting holiday, check out the local San Diego attractions, which host safe and ghoulish Halloween happenings.