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The Haunted Hotel In San Diego

Halloween in San Diego is not complete without a visit to the famous Haunted Hotel. One of the most extravagant, well-designed, and hilariously spooky attractions in the city, The Haunted Hotel promises frightful fun for all.

Those who visit San Diego at this time of year will definitely want to plan a trip to this renowned attraction. It is a walk-though exhibit with plenty of scary stops along the way. Conveniently located near the central business district on Market Street in the heart of the Gaslamp Quarter, The Haunted Hotel is within walking distance of most major downtown hotels.

One Of America's Top-Rated Haunted Houses

The Haunted Hotel in San Diego has been in continuous operation for many years, and has been named one of the top-rated spook attractions in the nation by various magazines and recreational entertainment critics. Haunt World magazine ranks it as one of the Top 13 Haunted House attractions in the nation, and it has been featured on the America Haunts segment on Travel Channel.

Haunted houses vary greatly in terms of what they offer the visitor. Some are geared toward still-life exhibits while others are full of spooky twists and turns complete with horrific appearances by company actors. The Haunted Hotel takes the best of each type of fright delights and combines them into an unforgettable tour adventure.

What To Expect On The Tour

Not to give away anything, but here is just a bit of what awaits visitors to the Haunted Hotel. There is a very, very creepy doll island exhibit that will excite and fright at the same time. The Clown Subway is an other-world experience that needs to be seen to be believed. The Dissectors will try their best to keep guests from finishing their tour in one piece.

Special visual effects abound throughout the entire tour. The masterful combination of scary artistry, sound, and shadow is enough to keep one's spine tingling long after the tour is completed.

Smoke, strobe lights, and the howls of the undead are just a few of the delights awaiting visitors to the Haunted Hotel. Well worth the admission price, this treasure of San Diego promises more than just a few screams. It is the absolute pinnacle of ghoulish horror.

Special Appearances At The Hotel

Each year, the operators of the Haunted Hotel arrange for guest appearances by celebrities. For example, Andrew Bryniarski of Leatherface fame will be a special guest on October 30, 2014. The hotel website lists other guest appearances as they are scheduled. Those visiting San Diego are encouraged to check and see just what might be on the agenda.

Tickets And Admission Policies

Tickets for the Haunted Hotel can be purchased in advance through the web site's ordering page. Advance purchases can be used for admission on any night the Hotel is open to visitors. Tickets can also be purchased at the admissions booth in front of the attraction.

Group ticket purchases are always welcome. Special discounts are available for large groups, but these bulk tickets must be bought in advance of the tour date. The Haunted House also accepts online coupons for discounted admission prices, but visitors are urged to check their coupons for date restrictions.

The Haunted Hotel is open seven days a week at the end of October and early November. The tours begin at around 7:00PM and admission continues until 11:00PM Sunday through Thursday and until 1:00AM on Friday and Saturday nights. Ticket lines at the main entrance can be very long, especially after about 9:00PM. Once tickets are purchased at the gate, visitors enter the admission line and wait their turn to take the tour.

The tour lasts approximately 20 minutes. Visitors exit the Haunted Hotel near the main entrance. To keep the tour route from becoming congested, only a specified number of visitors can enter the premises at any given time.

Visitor Parking

The Haunted Hotel is located at the corner of Fourth and Market. There are several parking garages located within two blocks of the premises. Most of these charge about $1 per hour. Street parking is also possible, and most of the nearby streets have parking meters. Visitors taking the Trolley will want to get off at Fifth if they are on the Blue Line and at the Gaslamp Quarter stop if they are on the Orange Line.

Visit San Diego's Other Spooky Attractions

Balboa Park is one of the city's most visited attractions, and at Halloween time, guests will want to take in the frightfully entertaining Haunted Trail. The trail tour is a mile in length and is filled with spooky exhibits and undead creatures. There is no way to describe this tour in words. It has to be experienced to be believed.

The Scream Zone is now in its 17th year of operation. Located on the Del Mar Fairgrounds, this spooky collection of haunts and ghastly characters is customized with new attractions each year. In 2014, visitors will enjoy The Exorcist exhibit, play Zombie Paintball, and take in the unforgettable House of Horror.

Fun For Everyone

San Diego is famous for its wonderful zoo, Sea World, and historic Central District. Visitors can top off their stay with a fright night at the Haunted Hotel. Nothing completes October like a good scary time, and that is just what the nationally famous Haunted Hotel of San Diego delivers. The thrill of good, clean, scary fun awaits all who take the tour through this renowned attraction.