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Here Are Three Reasons Why You Might Need a Marketing Agency

All business owners know that advertising is important. But most of them start off thinking they can handle it on their own. Once they are disabused of that notion, they are still hesitant to go all-in for an agency because they are worried about the money, among other things. Some actually have a fear of success. What happens if they start an advertising campaign and can’t handle the business? Too much success too soon is scary when you are still trying to figure out how to operate the cash registers.

Once the business reaches an acceptable level of stability, the business owner tries to convince themselves that marketing is not really needed. After all, they have enough customers to pay the rent, and word of mouth is working for them just fine. Besides, they couldn’t possibly handle any more customers.

If you have ever sold advertising, you have heard it all. Most of it is untrue. They are really not making as much money as they hoped and they don’t want to admit that they can’t afford to advertise. They convince themselves that they want to remain small and obscure. They are afraid of the investment. And they really never saw the benefit the one time they tried it. Their free listing in the business Yellow Pages will do just fine. You might have the same concerns. This is why you need to reconsider hiring a marketing agency.

Marketing Agencies Have Plans That Can Fit Your Budget
Most of the fear around marketing agencies has to do with pricing. Everyone knows that a Super Bowl ad costs millions of dollars to do it right. They figure all advertising is just too expensive to be practical. What they don’t realize is that a marketing agency can find them the best deals and placements for their budget even if it is modest.
They also need to recognize that there is a big difference between a Super Bowl ad and a local placement. There is a big difference between television, radio, newspaper, and internet local search. Billboards can be surprisingly affordable. All of these ad models have a proven track record of success. It has nothing to do with whether or not they work. We know they work. It is a matter of what works best for you and your budget. That is where a professional can help.

You Need Local Expertise
How much do you know about Spa L’Auberge in San Diego? Do you know about their seasonally changing services? If you plan to do business in San Diego or any other place you are not familiar with, you need to enlist the services of someone who is. You can’t hope to craft any kind of ad copy for a place you don’t know well. You need to know the music, culture, social mores, and linguistic quirks. These are all things a marketing agency can help you accomplish.

A marketing agency can also keep you in front of the right audiences during local events. Local events happen all over the world. A Scottish pub crawl might be just the ticket for the product or service you offer. Marketing agencies can think more globally than you can. It is all you can do to run your business at a high level. With a good marketing agency, you don’t have to worry about missing local opportunities, wherever local happens to be.

You Need To Know Which Brands Are Toxic

There seems to be a competition for which brand is the most toxic these days. Facebook makes a ton of money. But they are not necessarily who you want to be tied to at the moment. Toxicity shifts from company to company at different times and you can’t possibly keep up with it all. A marketing agency will help you navigate so that you know which brands are good for you and which you should avoid. Celebrities are particularly fraught with regard to branding. They are always one scandal away from dragging your brand down with theirs. Don’t try to figure it out alone.
Even with a marketing agency, you cannot avoid all the pitfalls. But you will do much better with an agency when it comes to making your advertising budget count, targeting local opportunities, and avoiding tie-ups with toxic brands.