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Here’s How Local University, TGG-U, Is Helping San Diegans Learn This Year

With over 2 million people unemployed nationwide and a 12.3% unemployment rate in San Diego alone (July 2020 reporting), many people are reexamining their career choices.  Many local businesses have had to lay off workers.  With those reductions, the unemployed are seeking jobs in an increasingly competitive market and business owners who have reduced the size of their companies, are relying on their core staff to do more for the same (or less) pay.  In this unpredictable environment, many people are looking for a stable “pandemic-proof” career option.

One company in San Diego, TGG Accounting, has fast-tracked their educational arm to offer recent grads, the recently jobless, and those accounting professionals who want to be invaluable to their current employers, a way to level-up their accounting skills.

is the new offshoot, and brainchild, of TGG Accounting, the Sorrento Valley-based accounting firm founded in 2006 by Matt Garrett.  The idea for TGG University had been in the works for months before the pandemic hit.  When the stay-at-home order came, the plans for in-person accounting training had to be abandoned and, like so many other small businesses, TGG University had to pivot.  While there’s nothing good about a global pandemic and the tragedy that it has caused, the need to innovate caused a rapid acceleration of what had previously seemed like a technologically challenging plan to offer online learning.  Necessity being the mother of invention, the current manifestation of TGG University was born.

As the TGG Accounting team examined the marketplace and reviewed pain points of existing small business clients, they uncovered a recurring lament: “Staff level accountants are performing Controller level functions without the expertise to execute insights necessary to the role, while simultaneously performing bookkeeping functions for which they are overqualified.” With that in mind, the courses at TGG University are geared to hands-on learning to elevate the accounting acumen of internal accounting team members.  The Building the Accounting Framework and higher-level Certificate Courses bring Staff Level Accountants up to speed with higher-level reporting skills and give them the tools to perform their simple accounting functions more efficiently.  

TGG-U.com courses are offered live-on-Zoom in small groups where the instructors, all working accounting professionals at TGG Accounting, can pay individual attention to the participants.  The certificate courses focus on the “why” of accounting processes, not just the “how”. By addressing real-world scenarios, participants get a holistic understanding of accounting.

With the success of the introductory courses aimed at those people with little to no background, and the anticipation of the Building the Accounting Framework Certificate Course which starts September 15th, the TGG University model has expanded to include Accounting Manager level training courses, Controller level and even CFO training courses.

It’s not all calculators and visors at TGG University.  The company culture is rooted in terrible accounting puns, real-time feedback and good humor.  Just check out some of the course names:

  • Accounting for Cannabis Certificate Course: Can we be blunt?
  • The Complete Excel Series: Excel-lence is within reach
  • Cash vs Accrual: It’s Accrual World

Team members look forward to the raucous course naming sessions over Zoom where collaboration wins and virtual high-fives abound.

After a recent “Foundations of Accounting: Where everybody counts” Certificate Course, a grad shared an inspiring success story.  He had been working in a grocery store to pay the bills when a friend recommended the TGG-U Foundations of Accounting Certificate Course.  Without a degree in accounting, he thought it would be too challenging but decided to give it a shot.  By the end of the Certificate Course, with his newfound confidence, he chose to apply to a number of positions at banks and other financial institutions.  And lo and behold!  He got a job at a bank.  During one of the biggest economic downturns, without a degree in accounting, he was able to get a job he was really excited about.  When he shared the story with the TGG University team over email, he said that, in the interview, he was so excited about accounting, so fired up to share his knowledge and understanding of the processes he had learned about, that the interviewer told him he couldn’t imagine not hiring someone with that level of enthusiasm about accounting.

It can be hard to find inspiration in the everyday things around us.  Stories of triumph across our community are what keep us coming together to share the experience. The San Diego business community as a whole is a tight-knit, resilient group.  The TGG University story is not unique in its ability to pivot, it is simply another example of the ways business owners are pivoting their models and helping out the community all in one fell swoop.

Want to know more about TGG-U? Check them out online at TGG-U.com and, when we’re able to be in spaces with other humans again, come on by, they’re in Sorrento Valley.  Better wait till 2021 for that.