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Hornblower’s Summer Blue Whale Watching Returns June 29 – September 3!

If you want to enjoy all that the Pacific Ocean has to offer in San Diego, the Hornblower cruise is for you.  It’s one of the top things to show out-of-towners and I’ve even scheduled business meetings on a Whale Watching tour, what better way to talk shop than that?  It all starts up again with summer Blue Whale watching! Parking is super easy, allowing you to walk right onto the Hornblower in the main harbor. When you pull away from shore, be sure to turn around for the San Diego ‘toolbox’ skyline, and keep your eyes open for US Navy or Coast Guard helicopters practicing drills in the middle of the bay! When we got out to open water, we saw a battleship leaving the harbor and a submarine docked for repairs, which are way bigger than we all thought they’d be.

After the cruise got under way, the live music, fantastic meal and cocktails all set the mood for a lively trip. During the Whale Watching tour we experienced grey whales breaching right next to our boat, leaving all of the patrons speechless. On a different tour, I witnessed a school of dolphins following the boat with a playful grace, almost like they were dancing.

Like all good trips, they end, but when the boat docks and your ride is over, the accommodating staff is there to greet you with big smiles and any help you might need. They even have a photographer on the dock taking your pictures for a memento of the trip. It is truly one of the joys of being in San Diego and every traveler should book a ticket no matter the season or the reason. Check out the video on Instagram @sandiegodotcom under Whale Watching!

-Brett Murphy


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