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How To Adjust To the San Diego Lifestyle

Are you new to San Diego? Well, congrats you made it to the city that is always sunny and is known by the Anchorman reference, “You stay classy, San Diego.” Although one could easily argue that San Diego is one of the best places to live, it will still take some adjusting, like any new city you move to. San Diego has the ocean, 75-degree weather, and a certain laid-back, beachy culture to it. There are some things that the locals won’t tell you about, though, that you should be aware of when you move here. Here are a couple of things you should know about San Diego to help you adjust to your new landscape.

Cost Of Living

San Diego can be a pretty costly place to live. While not as expensive as the big tech hub of San Francisco, it still comes in pretty close. Utilities, housing, transport, and groceries are all more than the U.S. average. In general, California is more expensive than other states, but San Diego is going to require you to have a stable income to pay for all the expenses of living here. One of the reasons for such high prices is the demand to live in San Diego continues to increase, plus the school districts and weather are amazing. Each year, the costs continue to rise!

The Weather

Keep the coat buying to a minimum if you’re going to be living in San Diego. Thanks to the year-round sunshine and low humidity, you can essentially enjoy the outdoors all year long. The temperature never strays too far from 70 or 75 degrees, and you have the beach just a short drive (or walk) away. This is one of the many reasons that people move to San Diego, and you should find you won’t ever go too long without that gold old Vitamin D. It’s no wonder surfers flock to San Diego, as they can enjoy their hobby as much as they want.

A Healthy and Fit Lifestyle

San Diego is a hot spot for vegan food, working out, and people with generally healthy lifestyles. Maybe this is because San Diegans spend so much time outdoors that they want to look good, or maybe it’s because it’s easier to find the motivation to take a jog by the beach when the weather is always nice! Either way, you will notice the culture of health and fitness here in Socal. There are so many ways you can get involved in joining the active lifestyle here. There are hosted events like outdoor yoga, hiking clubs, and even just picking up a longboard and getting in the ocean!

Don’t Spend Too Much Time Tanning

Your first instinct when moving here is to lay out in the sun on your beach towel every chance you get– but be aware that this is not sustainable. San Diego locals can tell you how important it is to wear sunscreen and moisturizer. Spending too much time in the sun can cause your skin to age and become more dry. Now, we’re not saying to avoid the sun, altogether. Instead, just be sure to implement proper protective products like SPF, a beach hat, and maybe a pineapple enzyme mask to help your skin heal from those long summer days. The point is, if you go tanning, then you should protect your skin and face from exposure as much as you can!

So Much To Do!

There is more than just the beach in San Diego. In fact, San Diego is known for having many amazing places to explore within its city limits. For example, there is the San Diego Zoo, the Gaslamp District, Balboa Park, Old Town, and Petco Park. Whether your vibe is a baseball game and a beer or a picnic in Balboa Park, San Diego’s got it!

Another amazing reason to live in San Diego is the fact that you have access to the beach, mountains, and desert within just a three-hour drive. The local mountain town of Big Bear is only a little over two hours away. Once there, you can go skiing or enjoy the snow! On the other hand, popular desert towns like Palm Springs are also just under a three-hour drive. With so much to do here, one thing is for certain -- without a doubt, you can absolutely have it all!