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How Decontamination Stations Can Benefit the Residents of San Diego

When you think of inflatable decontamination tents, you probably think of hospital overflows. The truth is, they are useful as make-shift medical centers, but they aren’t just for hospital overflow. Or maybe you picture people in hazmat suits walking misty showers to wash away dangerous substances or contagious viruses.

The fact is, inflatable decontamination tents are both of those things and more. And in this time of uncertainty, they might be part of the answer we need to step back into the world safely while taking care of those in need.

You can set up inflatable decontamination tents in a matter of minutes in a variety of places of all different terrains, so no matter if you’re in the city or in rural areas, they’re a helpful choice.

What Is a Decontamination Station?
A decontamination station is an air-tight shelter used to decontaminate people in an emergency situation. Depending on the style and your intended use, these stations can have fittings for heating and cooling, as well as separate rooms and showers.

Most inflatable decontamination tents have a durable PVC frame that secures to the ground, a fire and water-resistant vinyl cover, and is air-sealed once it’s up and running.

Helpful Uses for Decontamination Stations
Decontamination stations are an easy solution to hospital overflow. They set up quickly, and you can fill them with everything medical personnel need to treat patients. And since they’re useful in medical situations, officials can set them up for natural disaster relief as well.

Natural disasters
So, when hurricane season is underway, or earthquakes shake the city, FEMA and The Red Cross can deploy inflatable decontamination tents to help treat the wounded. Not only that, but the tents can also house much-needed supplies like food and water in the event of an emergency.

COVID-19 and other viruses
Given the current state of the world, essential workers might benefit from having a decontamination tent outside their houses or businesses not to bring home harmful germs to loved ones. That would be especially useful for medical personnel or anyone working with the general public.

Chemical workers and emergency services
Anyone who works with hazardous materials or mold would benefit from a decontamination tent. Businesses and emergency services can set up these tents to ensure the safety of their workers before leaving the area. This keeps the professionals safe while also keeping the surrounding area safe.

On-site medicine
In order to encourage regular health check-ups, maintenance care, and immediate urgent care, many businesses are choosing to bring medicine to their employees. One way to do that is by using decontamination stations and filling them with medical personnel and supplies.

The best part is that instead of building a separate facility, companies can pop up an inflatable once a week for healthcare. Once the day is over, they can clean the tent and store it for future use.

Precaution Is Key
Although decontamination stations have many uses in normal times, today's world amplifies their role in convenience and safety.

Imagine the ability to set up a slew of hospital-grade tents in the event of any emergency to treat the wounded and sick quickly. Bringing decontamination options to those in need and those who work with dangerous materials is a convenient way to take care of San Diego residents.

In the age of coronavirus, California needs to be especially creative in keeping its cities thriving. And with tents stocked with washing stations, masks, and cleaning supplies, there just might be a way to enjoy the local sites in safety.