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How Hipsters Afford Hollywood

The young and broke roam California as free as wild horses roam Wyoming. Well, as free as if those horses were also constantly missing credit card payments, boasting about their California move anniversary, and constantly talking about finding cheap auto insurance in Long Beach, CA.

Everything is more expensive than our grandparents and even our parents’ generations, but somehow young folks are happily living their lives in expensive California cities, from Fresno to San Francisco to Hollywood.
Defining the Term “Hipsters”

Just in case you missed the popular wave that was the hipster uprising, here’s a quick overview.

A hipster is someone who keeps up with trending anti-culture. Though you could debate whether or not following what’s not trending being popular is in itself the popular thing to do, therefore making it pop culture and not counter-cultural, hipsters live for anything they are told not to like or pay attention to.

Making fun of hipsters is fun, and nobody will knock you for it, but the community of hipsters didn’t come out of anywhere.

The Millennial and Gen Z generations are living in the most expensive time since student loans are at a crippling high, and buying a home is a far fetched dream for many. Most just want a job in their specialized fields and to feel valued where they make their living.

However, it turns out following the counter culture that is loving the off-brand life is more than just the young going against the grain. Being counter-cultural is how hipsters afford to live and thrive in the most popular cities around the country.

Cheap Living in Expensive Locations
If hipsters have done one thing right, it’s nailing the secret formula for how to find everyday life things for cheap. Not all of us have the kind of help that makes living in such an expensive state easy, but there are ways to live that can help balance all aspects of life.

Know the Perks
First, are you a student, military, or a veteran? If so, you can qualify for discounts on a variety of things. Those are just some standard examples, but embracing those parts of your identity can help you find discounts on several things from your phone bill and food to even car insurance and rent.

Finding deals might take some time, but once you get comfortable asking questions about discounts that are offered, the world can be your cheap wallet oyster.

Use the Apps
Secondly, get to know your apps. One great way to not only save in the moment but to utilize your money wisely is to look into apps that help you with the essential things. For example, we all have to eat and sometimes after paying rent, going to the grocery store and seeing the cost of food can feel scary.

Save and earn money for future shopping trips by making the most with the best grocery apps, which include:

  • Ibotta
  • SavingStar
  • Favado
  • Swagbucks
  • Amazon Prime
  • Shopkick

All of these apps are easy to navigate and will become a habit once you get the hang of using them frequently. How you use the app and the money you save and/or gain from it is ultimately up to you. Every app offers either points or cents back on purchases, which over time can add up to big bucks.

Prepare Yourself against Anxious Spending

Whether you’re from California or just thinking of moving and are dipping your toe in to get prepared, it’s never too early to set a routine. Living in expensive cities requires discipline and self-maintenance. The sooner you lay out what kind of lifestyle you wish to have, the easier your transition will be.

Self-care and allowing yourself to continue hobbies outside of how you make your income aren’t just to keep you level headed but can help you live a conservative spending lifestyle. Hipsters have mastered the art of self-entertainment, and with that comes a level of mental health that will help you master life in the city.

Keep your peace, hone a skill, and keep your non-essential spending low.

Have Fun on a Budget
Having low bills is great, but working just to barely pay bills isn’t exactly living. We totally understand that, and we can offer you some suggestions. Not all fun needs to happen under a running tab, and most Californians will be the first to tell you that enjoying the beautiful land is indeed a luxury perk of living in California.

Between attempting to have fun and social distancing, life everywhere has had to be adjusted due to the coronavirus pandemic, and if your parents or grandparents have been scolding you for being in debt, (Sorry, Nana), put an end to those lectures by finding the top cheap things to do in your city.

California is full of fun from the coastline to that dusty road that eventually leads you to Vegas. With so much packed in there is plenty of cheap to free fun to be had. Seriously, just google, “Things to do in California for $10 or less,”and you’ll be surprised at how many options come up.

Learn the Art of the Side Hustle
Many people in expensive cities juggle multiple jobs. Look into finding a side hustle like being a driver for a rideshare or delivery company. You could consider being a dog walker or pet-sitter.

The options are endless for making a few extra bucks if you just take the time to think outside the box and if you're willing to try new things.

Living Well Doesn’t Mean Being Rich
You don’t need to be rich to live well. Utilizing the resources and modern-day apps available to you while also creating a peaceful nurturing environment for yourself are the ingredients for success for anywhere you find yourself.

California is a magical state that has an endless supply of culture waiting for you to tap in. From Hollywood to San Diego, California has a town for everyone. Take the anxiety out of a big move by properly preparing yourself and your wallet.

Danielle Beck-Hunter writes and researchers for AutoInsuranceEZ.com. Having lived in three major cities, Danielle is no stranger to creating and sustaining the hustle it takes to thrive in city life.