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How Hotel And Tourism Businesses Can Attract Customers in 2022

The pandemic has been quite the rollercoaster ride for popular travel destinations like San Diego that rely on tourists to thrive. Initial shelter in place mandates and travel bans at the peak of vacation season in 2020 left hotel and tourism businesses vacant (or close to it). Even after reopening, the weakened economy meant fewer funds for travel. Although 2021 showed some promise as vaccines emerged and the world started pushing towards normalcy, they’re not out of the woods yet.

2022 brings with it inflation, virus mutations, staffing shortages, and some of the most unpredictable weather the nation has seen in decades. If San Diego hotel and tourism businesses are to survive, they must re-evaluate internal processes to attract customers. Below are some suggestions.

Staycations And Short-Distance Road Trips

While traveling long distances may be less popular due to health risks and limited budgets, many people have turned to staycations and short-distance road trips to get away without breaking the bank. Hotel and tourism businesses can capitalize on this shift by advertising to residents in San Diego and surrounding cities.

Focus on the importance of getting out of the house and exploring new things (or revisiting old favorites). How can your business be of service to ensuring travelers have an enjoyable experience? Hotels can point out the many on-site amenities guests can use that they don’t have at home. Whether it’s taking a dip in the pool, mingling with others at a restaurant, or relaxing in a jacuzzi, it’s an experience anyone would welcome.

Tourist attractions, restaurants, shopping malls, and other businesses associated with travel can highlight things locals may not have experienced. Whether it’s a new menu item at a restaurant, exhibit at a museum, or ride at a theme park, it can draw in audiences and increase the potential for sales.

Personalized Marketing And Customer Experiences

The current crisis has encouraged consumers to make more informed purchasing decisions. Greater health risks, smaller travel budgets, and an enhanced awareness of social and community issues have resulted in a shift in where and how consumers spend their money. Ultimately, it’s going to take more than a 10% discount or buy one get one coupon to attract them to your San Diego business.

Allocating data throughout the customer lifecycle is essential to developing personalized marketing campaigns and experiences. These are the series of steps (reach, acquisition, conversion, retention, and loyalty) a consumer takes before, during, and after conducting business with your brand.

Investing in the right Martech stack or marketing technology stack can make collecting, organizing, and sharing customer data more manageable. Such examples include data integration tools, identity resolution tools, customer databases, customer analytics, marketing automation, and more. The results can assist hotel and tourism businesses in San Diego in enhancing their products and services to provide a more personalized experience for potential customers. As you’re likely aware, a satisfied customer will spread the word and create opportunities to generate new customers.

Work Together

Now more than ever, businesses need to come together if they want to survive. Collaborative efforts can lead to increased customer satisfaction and sales. For example, a small boutique could offer free $5 gift cards to a local coffee shop to customers that spend $50 or more. Similarly, a hotel offering $10 off tickets to the San Diego Zoo might attract more guests.

Identify other small businesses in San Diego that offers products or services that complement what your brand sells. Talk with them about working on a cross-promotion idea that will draw in new audiences and increase foot traffic.

If you own a small business in San Diego that generates substantial income from tourists, the past few years have likely been difficult. As 2022 ushers in more obstacles to overcome, entrepreneurs are encouraged to shift gears to attract new business. The three suggestions listed above can help you keep locals and tourists visiting your establishment, enabling you to keep the lights on through 2022 and beyond.