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How San Diego College Students Can Stay Healthy During Stay-at-Home

COVID-19 has truly transformed the way the world operates. From entertainment to airlines, every industry is experiencing the impact in very real ways. Additionally, everyone is encouraged to stay at home unless they're essential personnel. If you're a college student, this might prove to be challenging since you're used to the freedoms associated with doing as you please. Even though it will involve a shift in perspective, consider some of the ways you can stay healthy during the stay-at-home order.

1. Use this time to work on yourself
If you've been wanting to drop a few pounds, work on your skincare routine, or develop a new wardrobe, use this time to practice. If you've always wanted to bulk your muscles, cultivate a strength-training routine. Read books on your favorite subjects. Do puzzles to stimulate your mind. Try your luck at making music, either by learning to play an instrument or studying the art of music composition. Turn on some of your favorite tunes as you paint a beautiful picture. As you spend time with yourself, it'll help you remain less stressed. This is essential because stress can actually decrease your immune system's ability to function at its best.

2. Connect with friends through technology
Loneliness is one of the factors that many people are dealing with during this season. As a coping mechanism, many people resort to overeating, emotional drinking, or drug abuse. If you're struggling with addiction, consider seeking college student addiction treatment options available throughout Southern California. In order to curb feelings of loneliness and isolation, connect with friends and family members through technology. FaceTime, Google Hangouts, and Zoom chats can help you feel less alone. Many streaming services like Netflix even have ways for you to split your screen to watch shows with another online guest.

3. Maintain a healthy diet
A strong immune system is essential, and this depends a lot on diet. When you're a college student running on financial fumes, the cost of healthy eating can seem daunting. However, it’s not impossible. Start by purchasing fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables. Add leafy greens to your meals. Incorporate lots of fiber-rich foods into the diet. Legumes and whole grains tend to be pretty inexpensive. Learn to cook delicious yet healthy meals with natural spices and flavors like garlic and ginger as they're both great for immune health as well.

4. Get lots of rest
As a college student, it's pretty common to complain of fatigue because of late-night studying, exams and more. When you're not getting work done, use the downtime in order to get lots of rest. Take a midday nap. Get to bed earlier. Wake up earlier. It'll help you feel more refreshed and alert. As you remain consistent in getting lots of rest, you'll simultaneously boost your mood and support your immune system.

It can be really frustrating to cancel plans and stay indoors. It's normal to miss your friends and the regular pace of life. However, this global pandemic is causing obscene death tolls, and everyone is at risk. The public officials closed the public beaches for a reason. Don't try to force your way into them. Even though you're a young San Diego college student, you're not immune to the virus. Avoid risking your own life and those around you by avoiding public spaces, taking care of yourself and remaining patient. The stay-at-home orders won't be in place forever. It will take some time to find a "new normal" pace across the world. However, the sooner everyone does their part to flatten the curve, the world can beat this virus.