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How to Travel and Stay Healthy

Right now, everyone is experiencing a little home fatigue. It’s been a year since we put a pause on most of our activities away from home, and getting antsy is a normal reaction.

So once it becomes safe to travel again, where will you go? What are your grand plans once we reopen things and travel outside the home becomes normalized also? Do you want to get to a beach in Hawaii or the mountains of Norway? Dreaming of safe travels and escapes far away come easily when you look at our full moon photo or any nature photography from this artist, Daniel Bommarito.

For some, it may be to take a trip overseas or visit loved-ones in another state. For me, I’ll lay low and spend some time rediscovering all the great things that make San Diego America’s Finest City.

If you do get the itch to travel outside the city limits, it can be challenging to stay on a pattern of positive behaviors like eating a healthy diet.

Why is it that when we go on vacation, we break our positive habits and slip up, overeat, and possibly drink a little more than we should? In part, it’s because we give ourselves the excuse to screw around with our behaviors.

We create alternative rules to live our daily lives and what we prioritize.

Maintain Your Health And Test Test Test
Sometimes the issues aren’t too much a concern but should be identified anyway. Or if you’re away on a trip and just don’t feel yourself but not too worried, you still want the peace of mind that you’re ok.

In that case, who has time to go to a doctor’s office?

That’s why there are take-at-home exam kits that you can purchase and get quick results before taking time from your busy schedule to go for a doctor visit. For example, a thyroid test can tell you if there is an issue with your thyroid, one of the major glands that regulate metabolism.

It doesn’t matter whether you plan to take a Hornblower cruise around San Diego bay, spend the day at the famous San Diego Zoo, or lounge on the beach in front of Hotel del Coronado.  Perhaps you have plans to travel out of state. How you prepare to maintain your health routines is just as important to plan for as what clothes you plan to bring. 

Don’t Leave Your Health Behind
The problem is that while it may seem fun to let loose when we return home and get back into our routine, we have ground to make up to correct what we did on vacation. We wrote about ways to eat healthy on holiday before, so I won’t go too in-depth, but there are a few takeaways from that article that you should consider.

Some of the best takeaways are:

  • Plan your meals ahead of time, including taking food with you if necessary: Eating at home allows you to have a lot more control over the types of ingredients and nutrients you receive than you may eat at a restaurant.
  • Focus on breakfast as the most important meal: If you plan on letting loose on your vacation, focus on a healthy breakfast every day. It’ll minimize the number of slip-ups you take and provide your body with essential nutrients.
  • Snack on healthy options before heading to a restaurant: Eating a light, healthy snack before heading out will make you feel a little full and encourage you to eat smaller portions when you’re out.
  • Eat smaller portions at the restaurant: Snacking before heading to a restaurant will make you feel fuller and make you want to order smaller amounts once you are out. This tactic will save you some money on your trip as well.
  • Drink more water: Needless to say, you need to drink water. You may be more active on a travel trip than your body is used to, or you may be eating fattier, saltier foods, and drinking more water will help your body break those down easier.

In addition to staying on track with your diet, keeping track of your health is crucial.

There are many things to monitor and consider regarding your overall health. Drinking enough water, getting enough sleep, checking blood pressure, and exercising regularly are great strategies for maintaining your health.

And finding additional tests that you can take at home will help you, especially when you may feel tired, bloated, or sluggish. These may be symptoms of more serious concerns, and getting your concerns addressed is crucial.

Often when we’re feeling tired or sluggish, it can be related to our endocrine system. The endocrine system operates the hormones in our bodies and regulates our moods, sexual function, growth, and development, as well as our metabolism.

It won’t be much longer when societies can open back up and for San Diego, which means that tourism will be a significant boon for our city. And as all those tourists arrive, many people will look to head elsewhere to enjoy themselves. Plan your trip to enjoy yourself and plan to maintain your health in the process.