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Humanity, San Diego

Pets provide many important benefits for their owners. They give companionship, reduce stress, and make life more interesting and meaningful. San Diego Humane Society is a highly reputable pet adoption organization that is widely respected throughout the United States. Like most major cities, San Diego has its own Humane Society to provide services to pets and their owners. San Diego has a reputation for being one of the most pet friendly communities in America, and their Humane Society reflects that. 

The San Diego Humane Society is one of the nation's top places to adopt pets. Residents of the San Diego area, or anyone who is visiting the area, should stop by their campus if they are interested in a new pet. As of July 2014, the San Diego Humane Society and Escondido Humane Society have merged, creating one large, united organization serving the greater San Diego area. 

The Humane Society's website offers pictures and profiles of pets that are currently located at their campuses. Some of the pets were given to them by previous owners who could no longer care for them. Many others were strays who were found and rescued from homelessness. Each stray is given a comprehensive health examination before being offered for adoption. Anyone who is interested in adopting a pet can easily browse the organization's selections to find the best option for them. The website is updated each day. The Humane Society is determined to increase pet adoptions by facilitating the process for prospective pet owners. Of course, no decision should be made until adopters have spent time with the pet in person. 

Adopting a pet is easy. Prospective adopters can take the dog or cat that they are interested in to a play area to get better acquainted. If they are interested in adopting the pet, they just need to fill out some quick paperwork and pay the adoption fee. The fee varies depending on the animal. Dogs or cats that are elderly will cost less because there is lower demand for them. The fee may also include spaying, neutering, or vaccinations. A twenty five percent discount is available for members of the military. A "dog buddy" discount is also available for pet owners who adopt a second pet within a year. Adoption counselors are available to answer queries about training and behavioral issues. San Diego Humane Society offers an adoption guarantee - if your new pet does not work out, they will be happy to retake possession of the animal. 

San Diego's Humane Society has many special events that promote pet issues. It features two annual walks - the Kit Carson Park walk in March and the NTC Park at Liberty Station in May. Both walks are funded by donations that are applied toward the Humane Society's expenses. A tasty pancake breakfast is served before the commencement of each walk. The Fur Ball Gala and the Tails at Twilight Gala are other popular events. Pet owners can dress their pets (and themselves) up in elaborate costumes and bring them to to the event, where their picture is taken. 

The organization also offers special classes to help pet owners deal with any problems. Classes are available to help shy dogs overcome their fears, to tame aggressive tendencies, to enhance obedience, and to walk properly while on a leash. There are also crate training workshops designed to help pet owners who have a dog or cat that refuses to go into their crate. 

San Diego Humane Society gives annual Animal Compassion Awards. People and organizations can be nominated for being pet friendly, having a special relationship with their pet(s), and promotes awareness of pet issues. 

Anyone who has had a pet run away knows how traumatic this experience can be, especially for children. The San Diego Humane Society offers lost and found services. Pet owners can contact the organization to find out if anyone has filed a report on finding a pet that meets their animal's description. 

Unfortunately, there comes a time when dogs and cats need to be euthanized. San Diego Humane Society offers quick, pain free euthanization services for geriatric and terminally ill pets. There are also therapists available to provide support for people who are experiencing the grief of losing their pet.