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Interview with Comedian and Producer of The Wood’s Comedy Show - Josh Nelson

Laugh until you cry! The Wood’s Wednesday Night Comedy Show is one of the best in San Diego and this is all thanks to Josh Nelson and the talented comedians that he brings in to perform every week. Josh was nice enough to sit down and answer a few questions for an interview with SanDiego.com, so check out what one of the city's funniest has to say below:


1. How long have you been doing comedy and how did you get started?


I started comedy 4 years ago on a dare from a friend. We went to a comedy show and I told him I could do it so he dared me. It was a dare I couldn’t walk away from. I wrote jokes for 6 months and then performed at an open mic on my birthday. I was hooked. I also started comedy to try and get famous to meet Katy Perry. Katy if you read this, which I’m sure you will... Hello. You’re a Firework.


2. You also do production for multiple shows around the city. How do you like that?


I love show producing. It is a lot of work to produce shows but when they go well it is all worth it. I love producing shows because it is the easiest way for me to get on stage. I also love producing because then I have control of who is on the show. I like to put people on my show that I think are funny. I have been lucky enough to work with so many funny people that I never would have met if I didn’t have a show. I produce shows independently but I also work with a friend named Bijan and we are part of All Star Comedy. With All Star Comedy, we produce shows all over San Diego.


3. What has been a big highlight in your career?


I have a couple cool highlights I can think of. One of my favorite highlights was performing at the World Famous Comedy Store in Hollywood. The history of the Store is unreal. To be on a stage where the greatest comedians ever performed is pretty cool. My other biggest highlight was doing a weekend at American Comedy Company and getting paid for it. It was so cool to get paid for something I love doing. Not to mention, it was so cool opening for SNL writer Michael Che.


4. You have a sketch comedy group called FunBus Comedy. Tell me more about that and what the group is all about.


It’s called FunBus Comedy and we are a group of friends who make sketches together. Filming sketches is so much fun. It is one of my favorite things to do. It is really hard without a cameraman or an editor though. We were filming a ton but have slowed down because we are looking for one. We have some cool sketches you should check out, like “The Most Interesting Man on Cocaine,” and a sketch about overalls. It’s a lot of fun so check it out.


5. Who are your personal favorite comedians? Who makes you laugh?


There are a lot of comedians that I like. Kevin Hart is the man. Seinfeld and Louis CK are amazing. Some of the guys I like that aren’t that big yet are Hannibal Burress, Chris D’Elia and Andrew Santino. My all time favorite comedian and one of the big reasons I am a comic is because of Greg Giraldo. Greg Giraldo was amazing. The guy had a brilliant and funny way to look at stuff. If you have never heard of him, check him out.


6. If you weren’t a comedian what would you do?


Well comedy doesn’t pay all the bills, so I sell liquor during the day to the restaurants. If I didn’t do comedy, I think I would probably be a professional model. I mean that would be the easiest job for me considering my stunning good looks. I also have thought about becoming a Waterslide tester. Yes, that is a real job.


7. Do you have any new things coming up that you would like people to know about?


I have a few things I am working on besides more shows coming up.  I am starting a blog soon and it’s going to be my day-to-day stories as a comedian. The good stuff and also how hard it can be. Just a little insight into what a comedian goes through starting out. I am also working on a new App for comedy that I hope will be done in the next few months. I wish I could tell you more about that but I can’t yet.  I’m working on starting a podcast because you can’t be a comedian without a podcast. Last thing I’m working on trying to start is another room to do shows. If I can produce another show that will be even close to how awesome The Wood show is, I’d love to.

Josh Nelson is a San Diego-based comedian who produces a number of shows in and around San Diego and is also part of the local comedy troupe All Star Comedy. Be sure to follow their upcoming events on their official Facebook page and plan a night of laughs with your friends soon: facebook.com/allstarcomedy

For more ideas to guarantee a fun night out in the city, feel free to check out: http://www.sandiego.com/music-nightlife