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INTERVIEW - Comedian Ian Edwards Debut Comedy Album Recording in San Diego

Comedian Ian Edwards Recording in San Diego

Come see comedian Ian Edwards this March 7th and 8th at the La Jolla Comedy Store where he will be recording his debut comedy album!

Ian Edwards has quite the list of accomplishments throughout his career. You may have caught Ian performing on Conan, as he has performed twice in the last year, or maybe you saw him in his supporting role in the Jeff Garlin feature, Dealing with Idiots, opposite to JB Smoove. He has performed as a stand-up on shows such as The BBC’s The World Stands Up, HBO’s Bad Boys of Comedy and The Comedy Death Ray album. Most recently he was hired to to a punch-up and consult on the CBS hit show, Two Broke Girls and to be a show runner on an animated pilot for Machinima.

Ian is also a well accomplished writer for numerous popular television shows. Ian was a writer and consulting producer on the Adult Swim show, Black Dynamite in 2013. In previous years Ian wrote for shows such as SNL and Cartoon Network’s The Boondocks.

In addition to his television appearances, Ian has been invited to perform at some of the most prestigious festivals such as Montreal Just For Laughs Comedy Festival, HBO’s Aspen Comedy and Arts Festival, Edinburgh, Bridgetown, San Francisco Sketchfest, Moontower Comedy Festival in Austin and Jeff Garlin and Michael Moore’s festival, Traverse City Winter Comedy Arts Festival.

Want to hear more of Ian Edwards? Tune into his podcast Soccer Comics on the new prestigious podcast network All Things Comedy, and check out his album release in May!

We got the chance to ask Ian some questions of our own. Check out this exclusive interview with comedian Ian Edwards:

What can people expect to see from your debut comedy album?
- They can expect to laugh at some edgy observational humor with a point of view.

Do you think you have a unique comedic style that sets you apart from other comedians?
- Some people say I do. “And I’m like, what are you talking about? Tell me more”. Then they elaborate, and I’m like, “I still don’t know what you’re talking about?”

You’ve done a lot of writing for television. What was your favorite show to write for?
- Well I gotta say the one I’m writing on now, 2Broke Girls because all my co-workers are standing over my shoulder while I answer this. But it’s one of my favorites, because it’s edgy. I’m working with high caliber writers, from some of the best TV shows ever created. I learn from them. They’re fun and make me laugh. The actors are phenomenal, the crew is as professional as it get. Lunch and coffee free, and craft services is not a joke. I also loved Chocolate News, the In Living Color reboot that didn’t’ go. The Boondocks, Black Dynamite on Adult Swim. Pretty much anything I ever wrote on that the checks cleared.

You have your own podcast Soccer Comics on the new podcast All Things Comedy. How is that going?
- It’s going good… would be even better if more people listen to my free bad expertise on soccer, but hey. It’s work, but I love doing it. I get to talk about the sport I played since I was a kid, and combine it with comedy. You should check it out!

You were also on Conan twice in the last year. What was that experience like?
- Most comics dream of doing stand up on a late night talk shows. It’s a bench mark. Doing a set on Conan is one of the things that makes your family stop thinking you should give up, and get a regular job. It legitimizes you in the eyes of all the people you owe money too.

Who are your personal favorite comedians? Who makes you laugh?
- There’s a long list so I’ll only name a few; Patrice O’neal, JB Smoove, Kevin Hart, Keith Robinson, Bill Burr, Fahim Anwar, Chris D'elia, Dean Delray, Erik Griffin, Jamar Neighbors, and Jerrod Carmichael who is so new he doesn’t even have a head shot, but has had multiple TV deals. Young SOB. They’re all good. Look out for them.

If you weren’t a comedian what would you do?
- Don’t know what I would do if I wasn’t a stand up. When I was in my twenties I decided this is what I was gonna do and never looked back. I’d definitely be in entertainment though or a soccer coach.

Do you have any new things coming up that you would like people to know about?
- I’m recording my first comedy album this weekend at the La Jolla Comedy Store. It will be out in May. People can follow me on Twitter for details @ianedwardsComic

You won't want to miss Ian Edwards performing live in San Diego to record his debut album! He will be performing at the La Jolla Comedy Store this Friday & Saturday March 7th and 8th!