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As the Jewish New Year approached, San Diego.com is proud to present Upcoming Events At The San Diego Center For Jewish Culture

It's September and Rosh Hashanna will soon be here for the 89,000 members of the San Diego Community that are members of the Jewish faith. In the spirit of the Jewish new year, San Diego.com is pleased to feature top cultural events in September presented by the San Diego Center for Jewish Culture. More information can be found for each event at www.sdcjc.org.

1.) ADULT EDUCATION: Fascinating Facts: Myths and Mysteries of Judaism

You can discredit the misconceptions of Judaism such as it is true that Jews with tattoos can't be buried in a Jewish Cemetery. You will also learn little known facts such as why the pig is not kosher.

2.) ADULT EDUCATION: Foundations of Jewish Family Living

Parents can learn about the deep values that the Jewish faith holds dear. You can learn how to answer the questions that your child has about Judaism. You will be able to explain to your child about why Jews don't celebrate Christmas or Easter and what Hannukah and Passover mean.

3.)ADULT EDUCATION: Introduction to Jewish Texts

Congregation Beth Am located at 5050 Del Mar Heights Road in San Diego, CA 92130 will have the introduction to Jewish texts. Discussions will include the Tanakh, which is the five books of Moses, and the Talmud, which contains the philosophies and customs.

4.)ADULT EDUCATION: FREE Taste of Melton [Temple Emanu-El]

You can learn about Jewish history at the Temple Emanu-El. Why do Jews eat Matzo during Passover?


The North Coast Repertory Theatre at 987 Lomas Santa Fe Drive, Suite D, Solana Beach, CA 92075 is pleased to present The Remarkable History of the Rothchild Family--ROTHCHILD AND SONS. This was a family that did not appreciate the good things that they had in life while there were poor needy people who would have appreciated what the Rothchilds had.

6.)ADULT EDUCATION:Judaism 4.0: Where Torah, Midrash,Philosophy & Mystics Meet

The Torah that was founded by the Israelite represented Judaism 1.0, in 70 C.E.(also known as A.D.) after the Jewish Temple of Jerusalem was destroyed, rabbis brought the Jewish people into Judaism 2.0. With the invention of the internet, we are presently in Judaism 3.0. In this class the anticipation and curiosity of what Judaism 4.0 will be about is the topic of discussion.

7.)ADULT EDUCATION: Christianity, A Guide for the Perplexed

A class about Christianity. This is for Jews who want to explore and understand the Christian faith. Despite the fact that Jesus is celebrated by Christians, he was a Jew. Some people referred to Jesus as the Rabbi of Galilee. He was also known as Jesus from Nazareth because many people's last names had to do with the town they were from. There will also be a lecture on how Christians feel about the virginity of Mary, the historical view and the theories of the Christian faith.