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Lajollacooks4u and It's Nothing Short of Awesome!


Mt. Soledad
United States

Lajollacooks4u is a gourmet cooking and dining experience where guests engage in both the cooking and dining of a gourmet meal under the careful guidance of “Professional Foodie” and Chef, Jodi Abel. Join Chef Jodi in her beautiful Italian villa-style home atop La Jolla’s Mt. Soledad and take in the amazing view of San Diego’s magnificent coastline while participating in one of her outstanding cooking classes. She provides hands-on culinary training as guests prepare a spectacular 5-course meal, personally customized to their preferences, with organic ingredients that are “Garden Fresh” from Chef Jodi’s personal garden. Once the cooking is complete, guests relax while their meal is served to them, as if dining in a five-star restaurant.

About Chef Jodi Abel

Chef Jodi, a self-taught chef, discovered her passion for cooking and food while attending her first cooking class in Umbria. The class, hosted in the home of the Chef, was intimate and charming, and inspired Chef Jodi to create a similar setting with Lajollacooks4u. Her passion for cooking sent her to some of the most sought after culinary destinations worldwide, including Italy, France, Spain, and South Africa, where she studied the cooking techniques and intricacies of many Chefs.

Team Building Classes

Whether the goal is team building or just a unique alternative to the usual holiday work party, Lajollacooks4u offers a one-of-a-kind experience that is sure to result in a more cohesive work environment. Chef Jodi’s Team Building classes provide a little positive competition as coworkers go head-to-head in cooking challenges. Groups challenge each other to complete the various dishes of their group menu, all while hoping to impress the judges who evaluate the groups by presentation, group collaboration, and of course, taste. Following the competition, the team members join together and dine on the meals they have created. Wine pairings are presented with each meal. Engaging team members in fun activities where they can work together and have a great time brings about positive results in both work ethic and team unity.

Promotions and Special Offers

Lajollacooks4u is now taking reservations for corporate holiday events. Book a holiday Team Building class event prior to November 15 and receive a 10% discount.

Chef Jodi is continuing her mission in “cooking my way around the world” so as to further expand her culinary skills and knowledge. Her future travels include a cooking excursion to Amsterdam and around Europe. Her motto is to “eat – drink – cook and be merry” and at Lajollacooks4u that is the exact experience that awaits all guests who enter the doors of her private San Diego villa. Greeted upon arrival with a glass of fine wine and a professional apron, Chef Jodi makes each guest feel right at home in a gourmet cooking and dining experience for travelers and locals alike.