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List of Services for Seniors (And Their Families) in San Diego

Did you know there were approximately half a million seniors living in San Diego with a projection to double over the next decade? While some are natives, others have ventured to the west coast in search of sunny skies, warm weather, job opportunities, senior communities, nursing homes, or to be closer to loved ones. As a means of making sure senior residents can live comfortably in San Diego, there are a number of specialized service providers in the area to meet their needs. Here are a few to consider:


If you or an aging loved one is in need of assistance with care, there are care coordination services that can take the stress out of planning and research. You can start by reaching out to the Multiservice Senior Services Program in San Diego County for assistance in finding service providers to meet your needs. Whether you need a home health aide, transportation, or someone to help with things like meal prep, house cleaning, grocery shopping, or running errands, they’ll work with you to find the best option.


For adults age 60 or older who are disabled or at-risk of needing hospitalization or long-term care that, unfortunately, don’t qualify for other nursing home or in-home services SOAR (Senior Options, Advocacy, and Referrals) can provide assistance. The program managers work with seniors, their caregivers, or relatives to find suitable options to reduce the need for hospitalization or long-term care. They will create a care plan and work diligently to get you in-home services for simpler living.

Health Insurance Counseling

Purchasing health insurance isn’t the easiest thing to do. Understanding your options, understanding key terms, and selecting the insurance policy that is ideal for your overall wellbeing, is quite the challenge. Fortunately, there are healthcare insurance counseling services for seniors in San Diego. There are representatives standing by to help you understand Medicare, supplement and HMO options, long-term care insurance, prescription coverage, and much more.

Health Promotion Programs

While having adequate health insurance coverage is essential for seniors in San Diego, staying in good health is always the preferred option. Whether you suffer from certain medical conditions or you simply want to be proactive about your health, there are several health promotion programs available for seniors. There are aging conferences, fall prevention seminars, and exercise clubs for residents in San Diego over the age of 60 looking to get fit, live better and feel great.

Legal Services

Looking to find how to protect a loved one in a San Diego nursing home? You can find an attorney that specializes in elder law and senior advocacy. Did you slip and get hurt in a public place? A personal injury attorney may be able to assist you. Let’s say you’re trying to get your affairs in order. An estate attorney can help you get it all tied up in a nice bow. If, however, you’re an adult child or the caregiver for a senior citizen in San Diego, then a probate attorney San Diego will help you sort through your loved one’s affairs and get through the probate court process.

Employment Training Services

Not every senior in San Diego is retired or in a nursing home. Many of them are still hard-working citizens. Be that as it may, getting a job as a senior is a struggle. Seniors can visit the National Senior Community Service Employment Program to get funding to receive job training. This additional training can then increase your chances of getting hired.

Activity Centers for Seniors

Part of living a happy and healthy life (especially as a senior) means remaining social and active. If you don’t have any close friends or relatives nearby, there’s always the option to head over to the many activity centers for seniors in San Diego. These centers offer a safe, healthy, and fun environment for seniors to socialize and engage in daily activities ranging from crafts and bingo to dancing and exercise.

Life in San Diego can be suitable for seniors looking for great weather, tons of things to do, and a strong community. Living comfortably as you age, however, may require you to rely on the experience and service of others. Whether you’re a native, long-time resident, or considering the move to San Diego, there are a plethora of service providers ready and willing to help simplify your life and enhance your overall well being.