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Local Print Company Launches Initiative to Donate 1 Million Stickers

858 Graphics, one of the largest print companies in Southern California announced today their latest campaign to give back to the community, Stickers for a Cause.

Stickers for a Cause will donate 1 million stickers over the next 12 months to various charitable causes and organizations. CEO and co-founder of 858 Graphics, Brandon Stapper told SanDiego.com they had the idea after discovering large amounts of leftover material being thrown away every month. When asked about the campaign, Stapper stated "I couldn't believe we were just throwing away all this material and I thought, there has to be something we can use this for. So I asked our team to come up with a creative way for us to donate the material and Stickers for a Cause was born”.

How the campaign works:

Every month, the 858 Graphics team will select multiple causes to support, this month they are launching campaigns to raise awareness on the dangers of fracking and the fight against Orca whales in captivity.

They will create an educational video and website for each campaign and invite visitors to submit their name and address to receive a free pack of stickers with information and facts regarding the cause.

Some of the stickers carry humorous messages like “No Fricking Fracking” while others are more serious like "Since 1961, 141 orcas have been captured and only 16 are alive." Their goal is to have these stickers placed around the country and increase awareness and education for these causes.

Stapper agrees that it will be hard to measure the impact of these campaigns but did provide insight into why they believe in the idea. "Anytime you can create awareness, that's the first step to creating lasting change. Are we going to change the world with this? Probably not but if we can help spread these messages and educate even 1000 people, I think we can call it a success".

Visit their site to see their campaign to save Orca Whales and the campaign against fracking. From there you can fill out your address and they will mail you the stickers.

If you have a charitable organization or non-profit and would like to submit it for consideration to receive free stickers, you can email [email protected] or visit www.858graphics.com/OneMillionStickerGiveaway