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Malashock Dance invites San Diego to a Raw Engagement!

Malashock Dance, RAW5, San Diego Dance School


San Diego, CA
United States

The glittering renaissance of modern dance is perfectly emblemized by the work of Malashock Dance. Combining inspired programs with exquisite choreography, unique innovations, and talented dancers, this company pushes the boundaries of artistic expression and leads the charge for cultural experiences in San Diego.

The Engagement Ring Series, starting on October 11 at 7 p.m., promises to provide an engaging evening for locals and tourists alike. With a focus on audience participation, this interactive series blends the worlds of spectators and performers, culminating in unforgettable experiences. The Engagement Ring Series consists of five unique performances by some of San Diego's most exciting choreographers. These interactive performances will each take place for one evening only (all dates available on the malashock site). The Engagement Ring will feature the work of: Sadie Weinberg; Elyssa Dru Rosenberg and Emily Miller; Lara Segura; John Malashock (Malashock Dance founder and Emmy Award winner); and Lavina Rich. Incredibly, all of the unique artistic happenings in The Engagement Ring Series are available free of charge. Donations are accepted. After each of the performances, the audience will be invited to continue the conversation at a local restaurant in Liberty Station.

This series, in addition to being free, will demonstrate why Malashock Dance is at the forefront of modern dance innovation. These performances provide the perfect opportunity to take the train down to San Diego, or just have a night out on the town. The goal is to foster communication between artists and audience, blurring the lines and allowing people to see the importance of dance as a means of expression. Malashock Dance seeks to inspire and inform, while pushing the boundaries of dance performances. There is no other cultural experience like this, and the fact that it is a free San Diego event makes The Engagement Ring Series a can't-miss program.

This will be fifth year of Malashock/RAW, which consistently raises the profile of the San Diego dance scene each time it occurs. Malashock/RAW5 promises to provide even more excitement for the San Diego arts community. Taking place November 7 & 8 , Malashock/RAW5 will be performed at the Lyceum Theater. John Malashock will present the world premiere of his exciting new piece, Party Of One. The piece explores the strange dichotomy of feeling alone while being surrounded by people, a universal experience that touches the core of what it means to be human. Malashock Dance repertory will also be included in the RAW5 program. Uneasy Surrender (2012) explores the themes of expectations versus reality. Dancers embody the feeling of disappointment that occurs when fighting battles that can't be won. Departure of the Youngsters (1989), the piece that brought John Malashock to the attention of the dance world at large, will also be performed. Inspired by German Expressionist paintings, it tackles the feeling of struggling between inner and outer worlds.

In the traditional Malashock Dance style, open rehearsals and facilitated discussions will be available to the audience before and after performances. By providing these kinds of opportunities, the dance company has become even closer to its audience. Those who are curious have the chance to define dance expression on their own terms. Many audience members find this approach to be unique and refreshing, a complete departure from the dance world of old.

Malashock Dance invites its audience to expand their minds, while breathing fire into the traditional expectations of a dance performance. The athleticism of the dancers, the otherworldly choreography, and the melding of art and spectator make this San Diego dance company an original. San Diego locals and tourists owe it to themselves to experience the joy that is a Malashock Dance company production.