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Our mission at ManaKind is to provide you with sustainable and eco-friendly products to help reduce the plastic impact on our oceans while simultaneously spreading kindness by giving back with every purchase. The ocean needs our help.

Unfortunately, we are all collectively contributing to the plastic crisis bombarding our oceans that kills millions of marine animals every year and is destroying the marine ecosystem. 

Economically speaking, the ocean provides around 260 million jobs globally. In addition, it is a valuable source of food, trading of goods between countries, and produces an estimated 50-60% of the oxygen we breath. Knowing how much this great natural resource gives to us, it begs the question: How are we taking care of our oceans? In short… not great. It might be difficult to believe, given how beautiful the San Diego coastline is, but the ugly truth is that more than 8 million tonnes of plastic enters the ocean each year, equal to dumping a garbage truck of plastic every minute. Of that 8 million tonnes, as much as 80 percent of that pollution is made up of plastic. Some of the top contributors to the plastic crisis include items we use every single day and probably don’t even think twice about the impact they make. Such items include plastic toothbrushes, single use water bottles, cotton swabs, plastic bags, and many more.

Overcoming such a daunting situation might seem overwhelming, and at times hopeless, but it can be done.  At ManaKind, our goal is to help you live a more sustainable lifestyle and make it as convenient as possible for you. We understand that many of us lead a busy life, and we also understand the importance of convenience. It takes a lot of time and effort to personally source effective, eco-friendly products that are worth leaving the trashy lifestyle we're accustomed to behind ... pun intended. We do this for you by offering everyday eco-friendly and plastic-free products delivered straight to your door, while simultaneously spreading kindness by donating to our thoughtfully selected charities. With every purchase, we donate to Waves 4 Water, Surf Rider Foundation, and the National Veterans Foundation. In addition, each time one of our customers buys a bamboo toothbrush, we donate one to Unity 4 Orphans, a San Diego based charity.

We truly believe that one sustainable switch, multiplied by many can make a positive impact towards the plastic pollution crisis.

We also offer eco-friendly ManaKind apparel made from 100% organic cotton grown and sewn in the USA. Our shirts are grown in Texas on an organic cotton farm, sewn in North Carolina, and branded here in San Diego, California. When you purchase ManaKind apparel, you're supporting our American farmers and two small family businesses that greatly appreciate the support.
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Join the Mana Ohana and help us make a difference! The ocean needs your help.

Ricky, Co-Owner of ManaKind