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Moving To San Diego for Work? Here’s What You Need To Know

Moving to a new city due to work is exciting. But it can also be a mixed bag. After all, if you had really wanted to move there, you would have done so already. Work trumps almost all other considerations because everything else is powered by your ability to make a good living. No one likes being told what to do or being forced into a move or other major life decisions. We don’t tend to like cages, even if they are gilded cages. Work relocations feel a little like that.

The good news is that San Diego is such an amazing city that you will be glad you had to be there. If you have never been you will be pleasantly surprised. Set your expectations high and prepare to have them exceeded. If you have been there, you have probably wanted to return for a longer visit. But first, you are going to need to find some storage.

The storage units San Diego has to offer can cover the entire range of possibilities. You will be bringing an entire household of things that have accumulated for a number of years. You might not be able to accommodate everything on day one. It is normal to have to store some portion of what you bring with you until you can house or sell it. You will easily find the storage you need with the features you want in every neighborhood. Once you have dealt with that, then here are a few other things you need to know.

Proof Of Vaccination Might Be Required
Today, many places you want to visit also happen to require a negative COVID test or proof of vaccination. You will need to undergo COVID testing for travel to San Diego, depending on what you plan to do when you get there. Regardless of state and city ordinances, your company will have its own set of rules for you to follow. The following venues require a negative test or proof of vaccination:

  • The Old Globe Theatre
  • Petco Park
  • Pechanga Arena
  • Sea World
  • The House of Blues
  • Rady Shell at Jacob’s Park

This is not an exhaustive list. So be sure to keep your documentation handy at all times so that you don’t run into any nasty surprises while you are moving about and enjoying all that the city has to offer.

Your Dog Is as Welcome as You Are
San Diego is the capital city of puppy love. Your choice of pet-friendly hotels is staggering. We’re not just talking about low-end motels that will accept anything. You can book a room in the finest hotels and your pet will be treated to their own pet bed, kibble, and other extras. You will also find plenty of housing that welcomes your four-legged companions. In many cities, housing where pets are allowed is very difficult to find. And once you find it, the price is rather expensive. San Diego is highly enlightened when it comes to pets.
It is not just lodging. You will be able to bring your dog with you when shopping or dining out. Not all beaches are dog-friendly. But many are. You will easily find lists of dog-friendly beaches. You will also be able to book dog-walking tours. If you have to move to San Diego for work, you will not have to leave your dog behind.

A Reasonable Drive in Any Direction
Pick any direction and take a drive. Before you know it, you will be someplace you will enjoy. That is because San Diego is surrounded by lots of things to do and see. You don’t actually have to go anywhere for fun and adventure. But if you like to drive, visit Nevada, Las Angeles, or San Francisco. If you want to explore the ocean, take a deep-sea fishing tour and come home with the catch of the day and memories of a lifetime. In San Diego, it’s all world-class -- whether it be dining, sports, hotels, coffee, beaches, surfing, or any of the other fun activities found here.
If your work brings you to San Diego, send them a thank you note and have the time of your life. Get tested and vaccinated. It’s free. Bring your pets. And of course, be sure to explore everything in and around America’s Finest City