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2019 NFL Season - Where to Watch

The NFL season is finally upon us with the Chicago Bears taking on the Green Bay Packers in Chicago!  Every year people ask me, Where do I watch my team?  I am back again this year and I’ve broken down the bars around town whom support each of the 32 teams.  This time we sorted them by NFL.com Week 1 Power Rankings, so below, you will find a list of the 32 teams, where you can watch them and my comments on each.

Have fun watching your teams and remember to drink responsibly, eat remorsefully and cheer incessantly! Remember, it is just a game… EXCEPT when you are a Charger/Bills/Vikings/Browns (I can go on here…) fan.  Take an Uber, Lyft, LimeBike or Bird to any of these spots as we kick off a new season! Football!


Power Rankings

  1. New England Patriots Tipsy Crow, Downtown, Sandbox Pizza, Pacific Beach -  Really?  Shocker…  Every single year we keep saying, this is the year they take a step back…  I am not falling into that trap again.  Good luck BAWSTON.
  2. Los Angeles Rams  The Silver Fox Lounge, Pacific Beach - What a year these guys had last year!  They were outcoached in the Super Bowl by the aforementioned, but I can’t see them bowing out early this year.  This team is still very, very, very good.
  3. New Orleans Saints Fast Times, Clairemont, 5th Ave Kitchen & Tap, Hillcrest -  San Diego loves Drew Brees but not as much as New Orleans.  They have a great reason to, the guy is still slinging it and making post season runs.  This team has some serious firepower in Brees, Thomas, Kamara…
  4. Kansas City Chiefs Kansas City BBQ, Downtown - I’m going to try to discuss how good this team is without mentioning Patrick Mahomes… Crap, I just did...  How great is this bar though?  Can this Andy Reid team get over the hump this year?
  5. Philadelphia Eagles Avenue, Pacific Beach, Gas Lamp Tavern, Gas Lamp - E A G L E S, EAGLES!  My Dad, Grandmother, Aunts & Uncles, Dave Ristaino, Chris Groeber would all be proud of me for writing this!  Great places to go for a Philly vibe but you won’t see me there during game time because SKOL!
  6. Chicago Bears 710 Beach Club, Pacific Beach -Da Bears are back again with one of the best defenses in the league.  Ugh…
  7. Dallas Cowboys Union Kitchen & Tap, Gaslamp - Zeke is PAID.  Good luck to the Cowboys as they continue to pay a lot of money to a lot of players.  They are looking to make their run now so we shall see if it pans out.
  8. Pittsburgh Steelers Bub's Dive Bar, Pacific Beach & Downtown - Wait a minute, no Antonio Brown, no Le’Veon Bell and they are 8th in the power rankings?  I know, their defense is better but I am sick of the terrible towels!
  9. Seattle Seahawks Thrusters Lounge, Pacific Beach - Now this team is scary with the addition of Jadeveon Clowney.  I have a sneaky suspicion that they will end up make a deep run this year.
  10. Los Angeles Chargers PB Shore Club, Pacific Beach, BarleyMash, Downtown - Like I say every year, you can take the Chargers out of San Diego, but you can’t take San Diego out of the Chargers.  After a stellar campaign last year, they are primed for another big season.  How many years does the ageless Phillip Rivers have left?  Win now!
  11. Baltimore Ravens Dirty Birds, Pacific Beach - Year 2 of Lamar Jackson and this Ravens team is very polarizing.  I’ll let you decide, I’ll be at Dirty Birds with saucy wing hands…
  12. Minnesota Vikings Guava Beach, Mission Beach - SKOL!  I like that this squad is a sleeper this year.  Watch them closely, watch them and think of me chanting SKOL while slapping my hands over my head.  I don’t ask for much, just a Vikings Superbowl, that is all…
  13. Houston Texans East Village Tavern & Bowl, Downtown - I am always baffled by the Texans, it seems like they are one or two pieces away every year.  Anybody but the Patriots out of the AFC, please!!!!
  14. Green Bay Packers El Prez, Pacific Beach - Trust me, if you are a Packers fan, you need to go to this bar.  It is an electric environment, having said that, I hope they end up on the bottom half of this list at season end.
  15. Cleveland Browns Elbow Room, Kearny Mesa - Adjust your eyes and see that the Browns a listed on the top half of the NFL for the first time in…  Forever?  We all love to root for this loveable underdog.
  16. Atlanta Falcons Dirty Birds, Pacific Beach - With a name like Dirty Birds, this should be a Falcons bar.  Does anyone remember the dance back in 1998?  Jamal Anderson perfected it.
  17. Jacksonville Jaguars The Bullpen, Clairemont - Nick Foles is the savior of this franchise.  Don’t laugh, this guy has a Super Bowl ring and that defense is scary good again.  Will this team return to the Playoffs after last years disaster?  Fournette about it!
  18. Carolina Panthers The Bullpen, Clairemont - Oh Cam Newton, when will you bring your Panthers back to another Superbowl?  Not this year but it will be fun watching!
  19. Indianapolis Colts Miss B's Coconut Club, Mission Beach - Well this team had an unLUCKy offseason…  Hopefully Jacoby Brissett can provide them with enough fire power and I just wanted to say good LUCK in retirement, Andrew.  We miss you already.
  20. Tennessee Titans The Regal Beagle, Downtown - This is now a Packers bar but make a good call and change the game! Tennessee will have their day in San Diego, just not this year.
  21. Denver Broncos Guava Beach, Mission Beach, Truckstop, Pacific Beach - Joe Flacco is now at the helm and the Broncos are looking solid this preseason. Can they bounce back after a disappointing year last year?  I actually think they can, play ball!
  22. New York Jets Taste & Thirst, Downtown - Hey Darnold!  Lets see what this kid can do in year 2 of his New York career.  This could be a sleeper squad so don’t overlook them and enjoy those wings at Taste & Thirst.
  23. Buffalo Bills The Local PB, Pacific Beach - As a former Western New York native, I always have a special place in my heart for the Buffalo Bills.  You can catch Bills safety Micah Hyde getting in his offseason preparation at La Jolla Sports Club which is another reason why I want this team to succeed.  Lets go Buffalo!
  24. San Francisco 49ers Cerveza Jack's, Pacific Beach, Bootlegger, Downtown - Oh those 9ers fans, they know how to party and watch their team lose.  This team is another one of those teams that has us all guessing if they will be in the Playoffs or bottom dwellers.
  25. Oakland Raiders Buffalo Wild Wings, Chula Vista , Sunshine Company, Ocean Beach - This is the last year these Raiders will be in Oakland and the Gruden gang will be better than they were but still not over the hump.  The addition of another offseason staple, wideout (no not Antonio Brown) Tyrell Williams will help stretch the defense.  We will be rooting for our guys!
  26. Detroit Lions The Dog, Pacific Beach - The worst team in the NFC North could be a surprising team which says a lot about that division.  I think the Lions can wreak some havoc this year but they will have a very large uphill climb to make that happen.  Head to PB and find out!
  27. New York Giants Knotty Barrel, Downtown, U31 Bar, North Park - The New York Football Giants are one of those teams that we are all waiting to watch implode so they can put in their rookie Quarterback and begin a new era.  Is this a classic example of holding on too long to the past?
  28. Washington Redskins Latitude 32 Pub & Grill, Pacific Beach - This team is a mess but this place is awesome.  Head to PB and cheer on Adrian Peterson, one of the greatest Vikings of all time.
  29. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Well there still isn’t a Bucs bar in San Diego…  Maybe some day they will get it together but in the meantime this team should be high flying and fun to watch.  Bruce Arians teams are usually exciting so let the games begin.
  30. Cincinnati Bengals The Local Eatery & Drinking Hole, Downtown - Poor Bengals.  Same old, same old.  Imagine AJ Green on the Vikings?  This team is not very good but I think Joe will be Mixon it up this year.
  31. Arizona Cardinals Hennessey's Tavern, La Jolla, Coaster Saloon, Mission Beach - Zonies don’t go home!  It’s Kyler Murray season, which means it is no longer 120 degrees in the desert…  Nevertheless, if you want to stay because San Diego is so incredible, you can watch your squad at these two places.  You will love it.
  32. Miami Dolphins Bare Back Grill, Pacific Beach , Raglan Public House, Ocean Beach - For the second straight year the Dolphins are dead last to start the year.  This go around it is even worse as they traded their 3 best players in the preseason…  Talk about tanking, whoa!  Try that Lamb burger at Bare Back and forget about all of the losses.

Thank you all again for humoring me and if there are any new fan clubs popping up in San Diego and want to promote your watch party, email us at SanDiego.com (Click the Link).  Good luck this year!

-Brett Murphy