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One Monster of a San Diego Halloween Party!


Gaslamp San Diego
United States

The 14th annual San Diego Dos XX’s Monster Bash is a six-hour Halloween themed block party that will be taking over San Diego on Friday, October 31, 2014 from 6:00 p.m. until midnight. The party will span an entire eight block area, consisting of the East Village and Gaslamp neighborhoods of Downtown San Diego, California. The event has been a blast in previous years, and has even won the prestigous SanDiego.Com Editor's Choice award. Party goers looking to have a fabulous time on the spookiest night of the year are sure to be entertained, as there are plenty of live music, food, and drink options to choose from. It even features a high-stakes costume contest and masquerade ball! This is not an all-ages event, as you will have to be 21 or older in order to enter, and you’ll also need to be able to present a valid ID or driver’s license before gaining admittance.

Ticket prices will vary depending on when you buy them, with those that are purchased before a certain cutoff period being available at a cheaper rate. There are two tiers of prices to choose from: a standard General Admission ticket and a higher-priced VIP ticket that comes with additional features. Waiting until the day of the event to purchase your tickets will mean that you'll have to pay full price for entry, so it’s a good idea to jump on the better offers while they are still available.

For General Admission the prices are:

Buy ticket on or before October 21st - $35

Buy ticket on or before October 30th - $40

Buy ticket on October 31st (day of the event) - $45

Monster Bash VIP tickets come with several additional perks for those who are looking to maximize their party experience. In addition to some added convenience factors, it also grants access to some elite sections of the party, on top of a few free drinks.

VIP perks include:

- Easy access via the special 8th and Island VIP Entrance

- Complimentary drink tickets (2) for the Monster Bash VIP area

- Discounted drinks ($1.00 off) in the Monster Bash VIP area

- Complimentary drinks (4) at participating Gaslamp Quarter & East Village venues

- Admittance to the VIP Lounge Area in the Monster Bash VIP Boudoir

- Front-of-the-line privileges for the Designated Driver shuttles

- Access to an exclusive VIP Restroom

The prices for Monster Bash VIP tickets also depend on when they are purchased, and are as follows:

Buy ticket on or before October 21st - $75

Buy ticket on or before October 30th - $85

Buy ticket on October 31st (day of the event) - $95

One of the main attractions of this event is the live music offerings, as it will feature a total of 17 DJs spread over five differently-names stages, each with its own motif. There’s sure to be something for every electronic and dance music fan, as a wide variety of styles and subgenres are represented. Some well-known names in the industry will be making appearances - with some artists performing on multiple stages. The following lineup includes these and a few other artists who will be announced at a later date.

The Resurrection Main Stage

Tommie Sunshine


Riley Warren

The Wicked Woodlands Stage

David Heartbreak

J Rabbit

DJ Ramsey

DJ FishFonics

DJ JaySyx

The Wenches & Skallywags Stage

EC Twins

DJ Evil One

DJ Kurch

The Dos Equis Masquerade Stage

DJ Christyle


Dynamiq and Kaos

The VIP Stage

Last Day of School

Another highlight of the evening will be the food and drink selection, as many area restaurants and clubs are offering special deals and discounts to paid guests of the Monster Bash. Many lounges and other drinking establishments are waiving their usual cover charges for admittance, making it a fantastic deal for those who are inclined to hop from club to club. Of course, nothing goes better with drinks than a good meal, and there are several different types of restaurants available. From hearty steaks to light bar food - there's a solution for every type of appetite.

Some of the participating locations who are offering deals include:

- Altitude Sky Lounge

- Coyote Ugly Saloon

- Greystone Steakhouse

- Henry's Pub

- Hooters

- Latitude Lounge

- Maloney's Tavern

- Onyx Room

- Osetra Fishhouse

- Quality Social

- The Field Irish Pub

- Tivoli Bar and Grill

It wouldn't be a Halloween party without costumes, and the Monster Bash features one of the largest costume contests in town! This event is sponsored by Spirit Halloween, and with a $5,000 prize at stake, it's probably a good idea to get started on your getup right away.

In order to ensure that the patrons of the Monster Bash are able to have a good time, without putting themselves or others in danger, a totally free Designated Driver shuttle service is being offered for all of those who attend. The only caveat is that those planning to take advantage of the complimentary ride must be in the boarding area by 12:30 a.m., or risk getting left behind.

For live music, food, drink, and fun on Halloween - this is the one-stop block party destination. With so many choices available, there's bound to a little something for even the ghoulish of ghouls. Add on the bonus of having a free designated driver to take you home, and there's no excuse to not show up!