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Reach New Heights at Mesa Rim Climbing Center!

What is Indoor Rock Climbing

Indoor rock climbing features expansive walls that simulate textures and angles of unique climbing terrain outdoors. Fastened to the elaborate climbing walls are particularly sculpted climbing holds made to be arranged in a variety of ways into different routes in order to create fresh and exciting challenges for rock climbers. Every rock climbing wall can be climbed upon in a number of different ways, each varying in the level of difficulty as well as height and technique.

Each wall has specific routes designed for every kind of climber, no matter what your technique level or particular body type. When rope climbing, the climber uses a safety harness whereby the climbing rope is attached. The rope then travels to another person below on the ground referred to as a belayer. The role of the belayer is to manage the tension on the rope, taking or giving slack as the climber ascends to reach the summit of a particular route. Bouldering is another style of climbing that's done on much shorter walls without the use of ropes over a safely padded floor.

Benefits of Indoor Rock Climbing

Mental and physical engagement

Full body workout

Trains endurance, balance, mental control, flexibility, and strength

Critical thinking skills

Develops interpersonal trust and camaraderie

It's super fun!

Mesa Rim Yoga Center

Rock climbing and yoga are two sides of the same coin. Whether practicing moving meditation on the climbing wall or yoga mat, they both encourage body and mental awareness, and being in the present moment. Just some of the benefits of a regular yoga practice are increased flexibility, strength, posture and body awareness, breathing, decreasing stress, improved concentration, and mental awareness. With over 20 classes featuring a variety of teaching styles, including ashtanga, vinyasa, yin, and more, Mesa Rim's Yoga Center is a stand-out studio in San Diego.

View the yoga schedule at www.mesarim.com/yogaschedule

Rock Climbing Activities and Programs for Kids

Bring your kids to Mesa Rim and discover why it's San Diego's best rock climbing arena for kids! A fun and stimulating environment, kids learn climbing techniques and have a blast through inventive climbing games and activities designed to be physically and mentally engaging. Mesa Rim's kids programs are uniquely designed to help youth develop strong character, confidence, as well as a sense of accomplishment. Bring your kids to Mesa Rim and watch their potential blossom in mind, body, and spirit. Learn more at www.MesaRim.com/Youth

Mesa Rim Location and Hours

Mesa Rim is open Mon-Fri: 6am-11pm and on Sat/Sun: 8am-9pm. Located in Mira Mesa by the Fresh and Easy shopping center at 10110 Mesa Rim Road, San Diego, CA 92121. Call them with any questions you may have at 858-201-4411.