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Sally's Seafood on the Water

Sally's Seafood on the Water

Sally’s Seafood on the Water is located behind the Manchester Grand Hyatt San Diego, just outside of Seaport Village. One of a few signature restaurants within the hotel, Sally’s is arguably the best of the bunch. Sally’s Seafood was built at water level, with an outdoor patio situated so that you feel as if you were sitting out on the marina itself….What a great setting for a romantic dinner, or quiet family get-together! Take in Sally’s beautiful view of the marina from outdoors, or if you prefer, through the large open windows from one of their interior seating areas. If the weather isn’t favorable for outdoor seating during your meal, don’t worry – the indoor seating area is just as atmospheric! Beautiful ambient lighting and a quiet but sophisticated design scheme all lend to a feeling of simple elegance that enhances and focuses on the outdoor water-front view.

The view from Sally’s is matched by its delicious seafood-centric menu, which utilizes fresh local produce and sustainable seafood in all of its dishes. A meal at Sally’s Seafood on the Water starts with a serving of their complimentary house bread: still steaming mini loaves of fresh, fluffy bread accompanied by sweet butter and fine peppercorn salt. Whet your palates with this tasty starter, and get ready to indulge! Sally’s in San Diego has a famously popular Fish and Chips dish that locals love and visitors keep coming back for. Made with fresh sustainable Sea Bass, malt vinegar, house made tartar and spicy tamarind sauces, the chips are generously sized steak fries cooked to be perfectly crunchy on the outside with soft and warm potato-y goodness inside. The Fish and Chips dish is a must have! Share it with your date, or get an extra order for the kids.

Chef Laura cooks up other house favorites including the Sword Fish Risotto which features a thick but perfectly cooked cut of fish, complimented by the delicious Lemon Risotto. Talk about drool worthy…Laura’s experience marrying bold flavors and sustainable fresh seafood really shines! It’s definitely hard to make dining decisions at Sally’s Seafood on the Water though, especially if you start looking at the sushi menu. Master Sushi Chef “Kaz” has been making sushi for over two decades, and served as the Sous Sushi Chef for over seven years at the Hyatt before starting his tenure at Sally’s. The sushi is also made with fresh local and sustainable produce and seafood and Kaz creates unique but delicious combinations with surprisingly and delightful combinations. You won’t know whether to order your favorite again and again, or order something new until you’ve tried it all!

Pricing on the menu at Sally’s may seem intimidating, especially since you’ll really want to try EVERYTHING, but it’s worth every penny! Splurge on your San Diego vacation dinners, or if you live locally, make Sally’s Seafood on the Water your go-to destination for celebratory meals. Sally’s is also a great choice for date nights – catch an early dinner, and then walk over to Seaport Village to watch the sunset off the pier. Take in all the sights of the marina, and the bridge to Coronado. Sometimes you need to indulge, and Sally’s in San Diego is great way to do so. You can always save by ordering off the awesome Prix Fixe menu this great water-front restaurant offers including three courses for only $35. Or come for their new Tapas Hour which happens every day from 2:30 until 5:30 p.m. and offers $6 Tapas, $6 wells, $6 house wines and $6 local San Diego drafts.

If you’ve got a bit more money to spend, and want to really impress your guests at a business or family get together, consider reserving Sally’s “Chef’s Table.” This special behind the scenes dining experience allows diners to interact with the Chef’s at Sally’s, Chef’s Laura and Kaz, so you can learn about the meal preparation. Your courses will be paired with wine from the diverse wine list at Sally’s Seafood on the Water, and a tailored menu can be personalized for your tastes. As with all of Sally’s dishes, your dinner at the Chef’s Table will be prepared using fresh local ingredients. This unique dining experience is a really awesome party idea with a personal touch from the restaurant and can accommodate 6 to 12 guests, with costs starting at $120 per person.

Aside from their special Chef’s Table, Sally’s Seafood on the Water also hosts larger catered parties. You can choose from their three in-house locations; the upper level of this San Diego restaurant can accommodate up to 80 people, while the upper patio holds up to 100 guests. Both provide incredible views. The outside patio hosts a cozier group of 30 people looking right out over the marina. You can choose from two preset gourmet menus including three or four course options which can include appetizers and/or bar package options such as artisan cheese and sushi displays. Cater an intimate lunch or a four-course evening dinner that is sure to impress and delight!

Some things to keep in mind when you dine at Sally’s in San Diego: Self-park or park valet at the Hyatt and get your parking ticket validated by Sally’s! You can get up to 3 hours of complimentary self parking, or $10 valet parking through Sally’s Seafood at the Hyatt. Sally’s does also offer take-out services, so you can get your food to-go if you find that the restaurant is crowded, or if you want to eat elsewhere (consider an alfresco picnic style meal in nearby Seaport Village!) If you choose to stay and eat at Sally’s, take advantage of their outdoor seating even in cooler weather – there are heaters on the patio to keep you warm! You can also bring your dog to keep you company – the patio of Sally’s Seafood on the Water is pet friendly, so pack a dish for your four-legged friend and dine together at Sally’s.

Contact Sally’s: (619) 358 - 6740

This blog was written by Erica Krilov. An East Coast transplant, she fell in love with all that San Diego has to offer six years ago, but secretly thinks she should have moved here before even leaving the womb. When not writing, Erica spends her time hiking, biking and horseback riding.