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San Diego Sailing Tours - The Quintessential San Diego Experience

San Diego Sailing Tours - The Quintessential San Diego Experience

Sailing isn’t a hobby, it’s a way of life, and visitors who set sail with San Diego Sailing Tours can get a taste of this extravagant lifestyle. Owner Kyle Corbett knows San Diego sailing and his expansive knowledge, beautiful sailboat fleet and fun crew are magic when it comes to providing one of the top sailing tours in San Diego. Guests will get lost in the ambiance of the San Diego Bay aboard a luxury sailing yacht by booking with San Diego Sailing Tours, a fantastic choice for an authentic San Diego sailing experience.

With a maximum of six passengers, San Diego Sailing Tours provides an intimate sailing experience with a two man crew providing interesting local information, snacks, drinks and fun conversation. As a San Diego native, I’ve been sailing a number of times and thought this would be just another mellow sail along the San Diego Bay, but San Diego Sailing Tours was able to make the tour unique and entertaining while also creating a romantic environment perfect for a date night in San Diego.

As we arrived at the docks, we were quickly greeted by our crew member, Kevin. He was polite, attentive and fun to talk to. He was also nice enough to give us a few tips on where to sit on the boat as we were a young couple looking for a little adventure. Our sailboat for the evening was the 1967 classic sailing yacht, the Lei Lani. She is an absolutely stunning vessel with sophisticated woodwork and elegant lines.

After a quick introduction to the boat and Captain Jeff, we were ready to set sail. My guest and I nabbed the two bean bag chairs at the bow of the boat for the best view. Kevin quickly offered us a blanket and drinks including wine, beer and non-alcoholic options. I opted for a glass of the Moscato. We cruised along the San Diego Bay, sipped our wine and felt the wind in our hair as we hit top speed due to near perfect wind conditions. The crew was impeccable at knowing when to interrupt our date for some cool facts about the area and when to leave us on our own to enjoy the experience.

During our two hour tour, Kevin and Jeff were both interesting and entertaining. They were more than happy to share their vast sailing knowledge and teach us a few things. At one point, Jeff even let a happy guest take the wheel and try out his sea legs. We learned all kinds of interesting facts about the bay, famous local vessels and boating from these two seasoned sailors. They were more than happy to answer any questions we had and it felt more like sailing with a couple of old friends, than being on a professional San Diego sailing tour.

One aspect of San Diego Sailing Tours that really sets it apart from others, is the crew encourages guests to move around. Sure, my guest and I had a great spot at the bow of the boat, but we wanted to get the full experience. So, we decided to mix it up a bit and check out the stern, watch Captain Jeff in action and gain a different perspective. We were free to move around, change seats and check-out the entirety of Lei Lani during our sailing tour making it a hands-on experience.

As the editor of SanDiego.com, I’ve been on my fair share of tours and this was definitely one of the most relaxing. There is something inherently soothing about sitting on a sailboat as it’s gliding along the water and a great crew, gorgeous vessel and good glass of wine added to my delight. San Diego Sailing Tours has the right recipe for the quintessential San Diego tour experience making it perfect for a romantic date night, fun family adventure or some quality time with friends. There is no better way to experience the beauty of San Diego than from the water, so book a tour with www.SanDiegoSailingtours.com for the ultimate in relaxation and get lost in the charm of sailing in San Diego.

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