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San Diego's own Superman Experience!


JetPack America, Mission Beach, San Diego, CA
Santa Clara Blvd
United States

Many people have dreamed of flying through the air like Superman or diving beneath the sea like a Aquaman - now these dreams can become a reality at San Diego's Jetpack America!

What is Jetpack America?

Jetpack America is the world's most experienced jetpack rental operator in the world, providing more than 10,000 flights for first-timers! In addition, the company offers jetpack sales and pilot and instructor training, as well as private and commercial support. Therefore, customers can rest assured that their water jetpack and jetboard needs will be provided by Jetpack America's friendly and competent staff.

What Does Jetpack America Offer?

Jetpack America offers several different flight experience packages, which include premium video experiences so that customers can take home memories of their flight. All of Jetpack America's flight packages include pre-flight training, remote control throttle and constant walkie-talkie helmet communication with an instructor. Therefore, the jetpack flight experience is completely safe, fun and easy to learn.

What Should Be Expected From a Jetpack America Flight Experience?

The primary expectation from a Jetpack America Flight should be the experience of a lifetime! This adrenaline pumping activity includes training, flight time and a variety of extras.


Jetpack America's certified flight instructors provide training through the duration of each flight. On the first day of the flight experience, guests will receive comprehensive classroom training in the company's jetpack school. The training includes a safety video introduction on the water jetpack technology, as well as a briefing on how the water training will take place. In addition, guests will receive hands-on training with a model jetpack during the classroom session.

Flight Time

This is where it gets exciting! Every water jetpack experience includes anywhere from 15 to 60 minutes of flight time, depending upon the flight package. Jetpack America's superheroes will have real time communication with their water jetpack instructor through the special walkie talkie helmets. In addition, Jetpack America's instructors will control the throttle via remote control for first time flyers.

The Extras

Naturally, guests choosing to fly with Jetpack America want to share their incredible experience with friends and family! Therefore, every pilot receives a Pilot Certificate to prove their flight. In addition, guests can purchase a photo or video package to show off their superhero flight skills in full high definition! Of course, Jetpack America also offers a variety of souvenirs such as hats and t-shirts.

Where is Jetpack America Located?

Jetpack America is located at the Flight Center at San Diego's Mission Bay Sports Center, 1010 Santa Clara Place. In addition to San Diego, Jetpack America operates Flight Centers in Newport Beach and Las Vegas.

Editor’s Experience:


Jessica Pelligra, Senior Editor of SanDiego.com, took to the sky (and the waves) on the San Diego Bay in preparation for this article. Her experience was nothing short of eventful. After squeezing into the wetsuit and wading out to the jetpack strap-in station she was given the “OK” to fly and the throttle turned on. Attached only to the buoyant jetpack and a jet-ski she launched herself forward and out of the water.

“Steering was kind of difficult to get down at first, but I managed to keep my head above water, and that was pretty impressive.” She also said that the event was a blast and that even though you are essentially a human hover-craft she felt very safe throughout the entire experience. “I’m kind of a REALLY big baby, but they provide you with a helmet where they coach you through the entire flight”. Her final remarks on the experience were said with an ear-to-ear grin, “it was super fun! I would totally do it again”. She hopes you enjoy the snippet from her flight and requests that no one call her out directly for her lack of tenchnique.

How Can You Contact Jetpack America?

Jetpack America can be reached toll free at 888-553-6471 or by email at [email protected]. In addition, Jetpack America has a general inquiry form available on their website at www.jetpackamerica.com/contact.