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SanDiego.com Announces Don't Miss San Diego Halloween 2013 Events

Halloween 2013 is just around the corner, and San Diego visitors and locals alike are making plans for this year's spookfest. Halloween in San Diego is one of the craziest celebrations of the year. Everyone loves a good party, and this Halloween weekend, SanDiego.com has selected the 13th annual Monster Bash block part as Editors Choice for San Diego Halloween Parties. After the hangover of the parties wears off, make your way to SanDiego.com's favorite haunts, which are open through November 2nd.

Monster Bash: The 13th annual Monster Bash will take over more of the Gaslamp than ever before this Saturday, October 26th from 6pm until midnight. With 3 stages, 17 DJs, 10 bars, 3 mega clubs, 50 toxic dancers, and thousands of party goers this will be a party to remember. The streets of downtown will be transformed this Halloween 2013 into something never seen in San Diego before. Partiers should come dressed in their best costume as the winner of the costume contest will be going home with $5,000.

For tickets and information, visit: sandiegomonsterbash.com

Date: Saturday, October 26th, 2013

Time: 6pm until midnight

Where: 7th & Market in downtown San Diego's Gaslamp District (Main Gate)

Price: Prices vary, purchase tickets online

The Haunted Hotel: Being the longest running San Diego haunted house, this haunt has earned many awards including being named one of the top 13 haunts in the country by Haunt World Magazine, and being featured in Fangoria and The Discovery Channel as a standout haunt. This year visitors will experience a whole new twist on scary and demented as the spine tingling special effects are so real it will leave guests screaming and running for their lives! Take a  ride on the Hellevator down to the basement of The Evil Dead and come face to face with evil clowns on the moving subway, named the best haunted room in America, or go camping with Jason at Camp Crystal Lake.

On November 2nd, don’t miss out on the first ever “lights out” night. Participants must try to find their way through the Haunted House with only flashlights.

For tickets and information, visit: hauntedhotel.com

Date: Now through November 2nd

Time: Weekdays 7pm-11pm, Friday and Saturday 6pm-1am

Where: 424 Market street (4th and Market) in downtown San Diego's Gaslamp District

Price: Weeknights $15, Friday - Saturday $17


The Haunted Trail & “The Experiment” Maze: Located in the world famous Balboa park this Haunt, the only outdoor haunted attraction in San Diego is completely different than any other haunts. Guests will have to watch their back while wandering through the mile long trail as terror may strike at any time. Too big to house indoors, this haunt is jam packed with scares; in addition to the Trail is “The Experiment,” a maze that depicts what happens when mother nature takes her eye off the ball even for just a second.

For tickets and information, visit: hauntedtrail.net

Date: Now through November 2nd

Time: Weeknights 7pm-11pm, Friday and Saturday 6:30pm–1:30 pm

Where: Balboa Park

Price: Weeknights single ticket $15/combo ticket $20. Friday & Sturday single ticket $17/combo ticket $22. Purchase tickets in advance online.


  • Buy tickets before 7 and save $2.
  • Scion drivers: Bring a Scion key on Friday and get VIP skip the line privlidges along with up to 3 guests.
  • November 2 is Scion night, bring a scion key for free admission for up to two people.

 SanDiego.com is one of San Diego’s largest websites, known as the local authority for all things San Diego. The author of this article, Erica James is a native San Diegan who truly believes that there is no place more superior than beautiful San Diego.