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SanDiego.com Announces Top Burger Joints in San Diego

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SanDiego.com chooses three top places to get a burger in San Diego.

The hamburger first appeared on the scene in the late 19th or early 20 century.  Although nobody seems to know for sure its true origins, America is widely identified with the burger.  During the changing culinary needs, people were looking for new faster ways to consume food and the hamburger was born.  Hamburgers were usually connected with events such as fairs, parades and social gatherings.  In the 1920’s White Castle started the first fast food hamburger, and was followed by McDonalds in the 1940’s.  Much has changed since the inception of the hamburger hit the restaurant scene, as the hamburger of today is full of choices and variations taking the burger to a new level.  San Diego is home to some great burger joints and here are a couple of our favorites:
1.  Nicky Rottens- This Gaslamp Pub and their newest location in Coronado provide a fun, lively atmosphere to enjoy an amazing burger.  Nicky Rottens is family owned and operated and serves up fresh, delicious and creative burger combinations, such as the Rotten Brushchetta Burger, while using only corn fed Midwestern beef and  organic vegetables.  Great music and lots of energy are also served alongside your meal.  The next time you are hungry for an amazing burger, check out Nicky Rottens, and take the burger experience to a whole new level.
2.  Burger Lounge- With their ever expanding 6 San Diego locations, Burger Lounge serves up grass fed beef on an amazing organic whole wheat bun.  In addition to their signature beef burger, they also offer a free range turkey burger, an amazing veggie burger and even a smokey wild boar burger to satisfy any and all tastes.  Their twice fried Belgian styles fries are a real winner as well as the crispy house-made onion rings.  Wash it all down with a local craft beer or one of their premium ice cream shakes.  Burger Lounge is an opportunity not to be missed.
3.  The Grill at Torrey Pines- This Grill is located at the Lodge at Torrey Pines and although one might not think of this San Diego hotel restaurant as a burger joint, this is one amazing hamburger.  Pricier than most burgers you will encounter, the Drugstore Hamburger is worth every penny.  The burger is simply served which enhances to true flavors of the beef and the soft gourmet bun.  Their hand ground beef is cooked to perfection and served with crispy french fries.  The added bonus is the beautiful views of the famed Torrey Pines golf course while dining on this one of a kind burger.  
The hamburger has come a long way in the last 100 plus years starting as a food of convenience, to fast food chains and now a gourmets delight.  And although we still don’t know for sure who invented this delicious dish,  one thing we do know is that the hamburger is here to stay for many generations to follow.  Many of these burger places are located near some of San Diego's attractions including San Diego Zoo, Petco Park and La Jolla's famous beaches, ensuring a tasty bite wherever you may be.